Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What a DAY!

First and foremost: GIDEON HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH THE MOST COMMON OF ALL LEUKEMIA: B-Precursor ALL! Prayers have been answered, but the battle is just beginning. Gideon will have a blood transfusion in the morning, his first dosage of spinal chemotherapy, and another dosage of chemo through a new IV (unless there is a miracle and we are able to get his port early tomorrow...since it is obvious that all of you aid in the miracle prayer chain, there is no harm in praying for that one...). So, here it comes! We were reminded that his health will actually get worse through this vigorous initial stage, but we will pray that infection and other side-effects stay at bay. If there can be a "perfect" cancer treatment, we are praying for that one! We actually cheered and cried when this was all announced.

A List of today's miracles:
- We celebrated Brody's birthday...5 years on this planet!
- My sister AIMEE came today. There is nothing stronger than a sister bond, and that girl can read my heart just by looking into my eyes. Words are hardly ever needed. I am so thankful for her.
- Brody got to hang out with a police officer and check out the squad car (and handcuffs)
- As you all know, Brody is a sports fanatic, especially WMU hockey! I can't even count how many WMU games he has gone to and was transfixed by, but today made me decide that we will never miss a game -- never. A whole CREW of WMU hockey players came to Brody's birthday party and STAYED. They ate with him here in the hospital and watched him blow out his candles. Talk about tears when I saw all of the one-on-one attention this boy with a broken heart received. Wow.
- We got the news about the ALL during Brody's small get-together -- so all were able to witness the excitement.
- Gideon took his oral morphine and wore his face mask to the party ONLY because there were hockey players out in the hall ready to head to the party room.
- ANDY JENKINS and family came to the party and shared the fact that we are only days away from his NO MO CHEMO Party! The Jenkins Family is pretty much our own flesh and blood at this point. The help, support, talks, and the amazing promise that is Andy has made our hearts and souls so very hopeful!
- Oma and Opa Westerbeek made SIGNS to hold up in the parking lot for Brody and Gideon since they have been exposed to the flu bug. They drove many miles for this, and it was so beautiful watching Brody and Gideon's faces over their own personalized posters.
- Gideon's spiked fever after the party went down significantly after just an hour...all on its own.
- There is water in my cup right now. With ice.
- Gideon is sleeping.
- This cookie I am eating right now actually TASTES good. Mmmmm...
- God is GOOD!

Now... SOME PICTURES! (Next post...It is taking FOREVER to load.)


  1. WOW. What a list of miracles, Amanda. If that isn't proof of God holding you all (us all) in the palm of His hand, I'm not sure what is. Praying, praying, praying...
    Thanks for the updates -- your ability to breathe and write through the pain AND blessings is a miracle in itself.

    Dana (Lamers) VanderLugt

  2. Thank God! Amanda, I am so overcome with joy to hear of your long list of miracles today and so thankful to hear that Gideon's leukemia is the most common. Thinking of you and your family constantly! Can't wait to come and visit.
    Love you!

  3. I'm laughing and crying! What a wonderful gift to receive this GREAT news on Brody's birthday! I will look forward to seeing pictures of that party!

  4. Yeah God! So thankful to hear of all these miracles! We will pray for more! We love you all so much! Katie and Josh had so much fun playing with Brody today! We'll come again very soon!

  5. Thank you God! I'm praying for the port to be put in and for strength for Gideon as he begins treatment. Only 5 short days ago it would have seemed impossible that we could all take joy in Gideon having this 'better' form of cancer. We'll keep praying for all of you! Love, Shauna

  6. What great news! Your family is in our prayers and thoughts daily. Keep up the positve outlook.

  7. Thnak you so much for the updates! You are your family are constnatly in our prayers, and I think about you and your litte guys everyday! We'll continue to pray that the miracles keep coming.


  9. So my premonition amongst seemingly all of yours? You're going to write a book sooner than you think. And guess how many other moms and dads it'll help? Your talent, your heart break--and triumphs, are going to come full circle. Amongst the sadness and frustrations you are feeling right now, just hearing the happiness the boys bring to your life, makes me smile.

  10. "There is Power in the Blood", song/hymn keeps coming to me and playing in my head. Have Auntie Sarah or Grandma sing it to you Amanda if you’re not familiar. I think it could be the theme song for this journey. The chorus goes "There is pow’r, pow’r, wonder working power in the precious blood of the Lamb." A-men!
    We love you. Aunt Marianne

  11. Amanda, I don't know if you remember me from Hope but I saw the postings from a bunch of Hope friends. I have been praying for you, Gideon and your family all week. Thank you for sharing your emotions- all of them! I will keep praying for Gideon. Sending big hugs to wrap around you and your family!
    -Leslie Cogan Adamski

  12. Amanda, I tried to find you on facebook the other day and was informed that you had left...guess I missed that post. We just wanted to say hi and wish you and your family a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Sarah and Hannah still have the fishies from Missy's blood drive. Whenever they play with them, they ask how Gideon is doing. Please tell Gideon that we think of him often and pray that the fishies are helping. Love, Ryan, Brandy, Will, Hannah, Sarah and Rebekah