Thursday, June 24, 2010

George Clooney, you can do better than that.

Gideon's headache came back last night. This time we had those rice-towel ice packs ready in the freezer. Gideon and I moved down to the basement to sleep where it is coldest... The pressure of the frozen rice seemed to really help. Also, this gets me every time: Tom and I have taught Gideon how to breathe deeply when he is in pain. So, all night I heard deep inhales and slow and shaky exhales weighed down by stifled screams. Three-year-olds are supposed to let loose the cries, but this guy has had to take up adult measures to deal with adult-sized pain.

I have to say, since Gideon likes to fall asleep sitting up and against me when he has these headaches, it is difficult for me to fall asleep this way (ninety-degree angles are no fun). So, I drifted in and out of consciousness and honestly had the most realistic dreams. One was of George Clooney. He was sweeping the floor around me in some diner with pleather seats while Gideon rested on my lap with the ice pack headwrap. I asked George, "Do you have any other advise as to how I can get these headaches to go away?"

He answered, "Keep changing the ice packs so that it stays cold."

I guess I was feeling a little gypped by Captain Obvious advise, so I chortled, "That's it? That's all you got?"

He stopped sweeping for a minute, looked towards the ceiling and in his best ER voice replied, "Ummm... STAT!"

I woke myself up laughing at his clever little quip. Thankfully, Gideon didn't wake up. Please, don't check me into an insane asylum just yet. I may be having dreams of stars and conversations that actually make sense, but I have a few more lucid days left in me, I promise.

Gideon has wanted to sleep most of the day, except when he woke up this morning to request a grilled cheese sandwich (extra flat and extra crispy). Anything. I would have something flown in for that boy at this point, really. I also bribed him with a present if he kept his meds down. I have no shame and no pride. I'm not afraid of being judged, as long as the medication is storming out those sharks! He only spit out the meds once, but this was a vast improvement from yesterday! Victories! Add it to the victories list!

Speaking of improvements.... WOULD THE PERSON OR PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT GIDEON THE BRAND NEW BED AND BEDDING SPEAK UP?! Oh. My. Gosh. Really. It is gorgeous! AND, it is way bigger than a normal twin, so I have been able to snug right in there when Gideon asks for mommy to stay with him. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU! He loves the planes, and Brody adores the sports bedding! Once I get garage sale boxes packed up, I will be ready to tackle the room transformations. I cannot wait!

On that same vein: Cards, presents, and generosity have been pouring over us since this all began. We have adored every single thought and gift. Things got tousled in the hospital, and I now have no clue who sent what. We even had strangers who were following the blog, sending love in one form or another. Could you please know that we TRULY appreciate it all and are so overly thankful for all of you! In my darker moments, I reread your posts here or the cards and I feel renewed! God is using each one of you to shine through the darkness that creeps in sometimes.

(Crazy thing: I typed that last paragraph and the doorbell rang. It was the mailman with more love to deliver!)

Another victory is that Tom took Brody to Football Camp today as Coach Cubit's special guest. Coach Cubit, by the way, is extremely sweet and easy to talk to, and brimming over with generosity! Apparently Brody has been running drills and leading warm-ups. They even put him on a little team to play Lightning Football. Even though the camp is for 8 to 10 year olds, everyone is rolling out the carpet for our Brody! Tom said he is elated and beyond excited about this "perfect day!" I'm so glad he is having glimpses of summer with his daddy. He will never forget this day, I am sure!


  1. Silly Amanda. George isn't a REAL doctor, just a pretend doctor:) Regardless of his commentary, I'd take a Clooney dream any day!

  2. Amanda - great news about Brody having a wonderful day with his dad! You and your family are always in my prayers - day and night and I know God hears our prayers. Thanks for all the updates - your a great mom with great kids!

  3. Sweet George Clooney dream!!! lol Jenelle