Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Wow. I thought I was bombarded with love once Gideon was first diagnosed, but now we are experiencing it with a higher intensity since WWMT did its story on Gideon. THANK YOU, Channel 3, for the love and awareness you brought to the masses. For every monster reported on the news, there are thousands of walking angels! We don't just think that, we KNOW that!
Gideon's Story
To add to the channel 3 love, when I got home from errands this evening, there was a COOKIE BOUQUET on our doorstep from none other than the fabulously gorgeous (inside and out) Judy Markee! Look at these cookies. I have never seen Gideon more happy over a cookie shape in my LIFE!

I also have to back up and THANK my mystery-spa-day-giver. I have never had a better spa experience in my life, and I felt the lack of sleep and stress melting away. Ahhhhh... THAT was wonderful. Also, I have to thank Tom for labeling Brody's hockey bag with a pictorial key showing what was supposed to be packed since I did my first solo hockey gig with the little-big man. It was also my first experience with 8 a.m. ice time. Woah. That's early. I am also thankful that the electricity went out for two days. Why? Because my mother-in-law got up with boys and I actually slept IN until 9:30! Elation runs through me! Who needs electricity when one can get caught up on glorious SLEEP?!

Gideon is very sensitive now that he's off of this round of steroids. He cries, but immediately tries to stifle the crying by wiping incessantly at his eyes to stop the tears from spilling. The heartbreaker for me today was the way he silently cried on the couch after his brother left for school. His little shoulders shook, and I promised him some raspberry sherbet to stop the sadness. Little honey. He is my SWEET boy again! Just more sensitive and needing a lot more love and TLC. He was sick today and the day before yesterday quite a bit. Whenever we go somewhere in the car he says, "Remember my puke bucket, mom! My tummy is crazy right now!" I believe it. I am just glad his shaking hands stopped now, too.

I'm also wondering if this is a phase or something more: We walked outside and Gideon started to silently cry (I only noticed since I saw the telltale tear wiping) and I asked him what was wrong. He said, "EVERYONE is looking at me! Don't let them look at me!" When I asked him why he didn't want them to look at him (he usually loves the attention), he said, "I don't want them to know I have Leukemia!" Of course I explained that they didn't know. He had a hat on, afterall. I think in his delicate state, any added attention makes him overly emotional. I'm wondering if this is a three-year-old thing or a kid-with-cancer thing. I don't know, but I'm assuming once his ninja tears stop attacking him he will not be as sensitive to it. He'll be back to his TAAAA-DAAAAA! and pizazz in no time.

Speaking of sensitive, tonight at bedtime Gideon shut his finger in the drawer while grabbing for his toothpaste. I ran downstairs to get an ice pack, and when I got back upstairs, this is what I found (so, of course I tiptoed back down for the camera):

Can you see why I feel like the most blessed mom on the planet? So much empathy and love flows between my boys, and I can't get over it. I won't get over it. I'll just cherish it.

Before I sign-out for the night, I have received some emails asking about Gideon's story. People have been wondering about his "shark" idea. I think now is a good time to post his story again for the newest members of Gideon's PRAYER chain. All are welcomed, appreciated, and loved. Thank you! We treasure you.


  1. No worries about the over sensitivity Mrs. Schripsema. I never told my mom this, but I would leave the house for longest time, not because of the limited mobility, but because I didn't want others to see my bald head. I felt like they would judge. I learned quickly that it's not that big of a deal if you wear your bald head with pride. Always tell Gideon that he is not alone in this battle, there are other's that are hoping, praying, and willing to walk beside him through this all.

  2. A child's ability to be empathetic has more to do with nurture than nature (since most humans are born with a natural tendency towards selfishness). Brody is learning this love. You are raising these boys in a very loving environment.
    * an observer from the WWMT web address

  3. I adore the pix of Brody holding Gideon. So precious, Amanda. God is so good. There is so much love in your home, despite all that's going on. That love is carrying you all. Many, many blessings to each one of you. Thinking of you always....Jenelle

  4. I recently met your sister, Annie, while visiting my son in Kalamazoo. She was telling me about her nephew, Gideon, and sent me the link to your blog. After reading everything you have written, quite beautifully, I must say, I have fallen in love with your family and the strong faith you possess. I would love to add Gideon to the prayer chain at my church, with your approval. I have not been able to give blood in the past because I travelled in England during the "Mad Cow" disease scare. I think that enough time has passed and they may now accept my blood. I will be donating soon. I am a "needle phobic" but after reading about Gideon's strength...well, I am quite ashamed of myself! Please know that I am praying daily for Gideon, his amazing brother, Brody, and your entire family.

    God's continued blessings to your family,

    P.S. My father was born and raised in the U.P., Wakefield to be exact. I understand your love of the U.P.

  5. Thank you for letting me into your family. I have spent most of the day today, Sunday 2/27 reading your entire blog, and crying a lot. My husband wonders why I have used a whole box of Kleenex? Anyway, I will be out of town for the Mar 17th blood drive, but made an appointment for this Wednesday. I can't wait to decorate a fishy for sweet Gideon. I wish I could do more. I really want to do more. Amanda, you are an inspiration to those of us who end up falling apart when life throws a curve. Your boys and husband are blessed to have you. And you them. Love, Peace, Prayers, and Thoughts will be coming from me. will a little fishy! :)

  6. dear amanda my family would like to give gideon some autograph pics of us and our race cars we seen that he was into race cars and hot rods , we would like to donate a racin suit and a helmet to him and hope to get a race scheduled to raise money for gideon for his medical so would u plz let me know on this u may contact us at 269-532-5446

  7. I will....I will....I will!!!! I went to give my B+ (BE POSITIVE) blood today in honor of Gideon, and almost through the computer process....BOOM! The power goes out! What? No ice, wind, sleet, snow, but lots of sunshine! I will reschedule soon! Is it possible to give directly to him? If not, mine will go in and that will be one more available for him or someone else! BE POSITIVE!