Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Steroids May be Back, but I have a HERO on my side!

Yesterday was jam-packed with ups and downs, but mostly UPS! And not UPS as in the delivery service. Ups as in high points. Glad I cleared that up for you. "UP" for you! Ha. Okay. This is going to be a long blog if I keep this up. UP -- AGAIN. Someone, anyone! Please stop me...

Can you tell we started steroids again? The stream of consciousness just can't be edited in this fog of sleeplessness. I am now going to count my blessings in list form so that I don't carry on and on as I have a tendency to do when I'm tired. It's no wonder my Philosophy professor liked my papers I wrote at 3 in the morning better than the ones I labored over for days and days. He was a fan of the tangent. There I go again. List. Here is a LIST of amazing moments from yesterday:

1. Captain Obvious one: Channel 3 News and the love they have poured onto our family.

2. SEVENTEEN good fishies swam out of the mailbox yesterday! Seventeen people donated blood in Gideon's name and we found this out on the day of love. This is no coincidence. There should be blood drives on Valentine's Day every year. It can be a literal GIVING OF THE HEART moment for all! I'm on it for next year, I promise! (I'm not counting that as a tangent. I'm counting that as a good idea.)

3. Mattawan Early Elementary had the students make my boys HUMONGOUS Valentines and they were delivered yesterday! Also, two red Valentine aliens were also dropped off from the students. My boys LOVED them. THANK YOU!

4. Another package came from the READER'S DIGEST GRAND-PRIZE WINNER: Grand Marais, MI! I won't even tell you what was sent. You MUST watch the video. Please. It makes me laugh. It also made me realize that I say, "WHAT IN THE WORLD?!" when I'm shocked, and I say it over and over. We LOVE YOU, Grand MARAIS! The boys are PUMPED to go new-toy shopping! :)

And now I'm breaking away from the list. I sipped some Coca-Cola and I'm feeling a little more focused. I am in love with my children. I know this is not a shocker, but I must say: Brody is my hero of the moment. He saw me mashing up Gideon's steroids and asked me if that was the medicine that "changes" his brother. I answered yes and I thought that was that. When the alien stuffed animals came from Mattawan, Brody asked Gideon which one he wanted more and then gave him his choice first. He whispered to me, "There. We can stay away from his screaming that way." And that was the most loving thing he could have done.

I was wrong. Later that night, Brody and Gideon were putting on their jammies. They always race to see who is ready first. This is usually a friendly contest in which the person who loses happily congratulates the winner. Not last night. I should say everything went well at first, and Gideon was fine with the fact that Brody won, or so it seemed. Once I tucked Brody in one last time, I went to do the same for Gideon. He started screaming. He had a full-on steroid rager and we were only two pills into the cycle! It's like his body said, "Ahhh, yes. I remember you, steroid! C'mon and let's Mr. Hyde this boy within SECONDS!" He couldn't speak since his screams were making him breathless. Finally he belted out, "I DON'T WANT BRODY TO WIN! I WANT TO WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNN!" and with that bed sheets were ripped off of the bed, pillows went flying and stuffed animals were launched into walls. I was trying to hold him down for my magical rub, but the boy was far too ticked to let me touch him. I could feel my patience wilting as this continued for what seemed like hours. Then I heard someone behind me.

Once I saw Brody in Gideon's room, the mama in me wanted to say, "You should NOT be out of bed!" but something stopped me. "Gideon," Brody crooned into his little brother's face, "Look! I didn't win! I forgot to put my other leg in my jammie pants." Gideon and I both looked down, and sure enough! Brody had one leg in and one leg out. Then he continued, "So I just came in here to say 'GOOD JOB for winning, Gids!'" He came in closer to his calmer brother who was now only mildly panting from Ragefest 2011 and said, "Goodnight! Sleep good!"

Gideon, in miraculous fashion, kissed Brody back and said, "Thanks, Brody! Nigh-night!" He then let me reassemble his bed and laid down without another peep. Brody winked at me and walked back to his own room.

...It was the best Valentine moment of my life. I ADORE YOU, Brody Thomas Schripsema! What a hero with a selfless five-year-old heart. I'm so thankful. Again.

Gideon's black eyes are back, and he covets his POTATO CHIPS. Here's a little glimpse into our morphing honey.

And now for the HAPPY pictures...

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