Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Gideon is sleeping and Brody is at the neighbor's playing hockey. Sweet Gideon is showing symptoms of a cold this morning, but he is still in good spirits. That means NO fever. I am praying that feverless-ness continues. It is when fever strikes that we have to bring Gideon in to the hospital. I want to stay snowed in, please. An adorable part of this virus is that Gideon starts forcing air out of his mouth while making a "HHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" sound. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I'm breathing out the fire in my throat." Then he continues to exhale...much like a dragon would sound. Get that fire out, buddy. Don't let it stay in and get your temperature up!

I would also like you to know that I was the meanest mommy on the planet this morning. I made Brody clean up the toys in the basement instead of going directly to his friends to play hockey (ON A SNOW DAY!). Once he was done, he stomped upstairs to his room with his school backpack, mumbling under his breath. I gave him some alone time and then went to check on him. He told me he is moving in with the neighbors since ALL they do is play hockey. Their parents NEVER make them clean up. His backpack was loaded with his running-away-supplies. This included blendy markers (if you haven't used them, DO. So fun), his mini skateboards, a cookie, and a hockey puck. I asked why he didn't pack underwear. He told me he'd wash the ones he has in the snow. Oh. I packed a bag to runaway in my youth... I remember it well. I guess I wasn't as creative since all I packed was toilet paper. I told my mom I could live without anything...except TP. Maybe this running away daydream is all a part of growing up. On this side of the running away threats, it's pretty adorable.

I'm happy to report that Brody and I talked it out. He feels loved again, and apologized for "almost leaving" me; hence, he is playing hockey down the road now. His job was need to sulk anymore.

I am kind of sulking because the second place town in the Reader's Digest contest is steadily gaining on Grand Marais, MI. This contest is only going on for FIVE MORE DAYS, and at this rate of losing votes, we won't be able to pull it off. Please email me if you want me to register you to cheer each day (if you don't know how). Readers Digest does not send mail to you unless you request it. I have gotten nothing from them. It is free. PLEASE register and CHEER ten times a day. If you don't think you'll remember to do it each day, but wouldn't MIND doing it, EMAIL me at I'll actually check my email for this. I will log you on each day and vote for you. It takes 20 seconds and I can do it during nap time. In the meantime, please click HERE. The second place town miraculously earned 20,000 votes late, late last night. If that happens again: curtains. Please vote and help Grand Marais save its harbor; thus, saving more lives. I'm a bleeding hearted philanthropist these days. I can't help it. I love this town and I want it preserved for my boys to enjoy with THEIR babies someday. Also, this whole cancer-ride has taught me it's okay to ask for help. Thank you.

And now... A little treat from our weekend:


  1. I'm voting! The site was down for awhile, but it's back up. This post made me laugh. Thanks for bringing laughter to a normally ho-hum guy.
    Best! Matt

  2. Just FYI: The ENTIRE Mattawan Consolidated School staff are voting for Grand Marais now! You have some great friends you work with who are promoting this voting business all while wearing ORANGE in Gideon's honor. So many lives have been touched through all of this, Amanda. Keep seeing the world as you do and wonderful things will come back to you.

  3. I LOVE YOU, MATTAWAN!!! Thank you for adopting gorgeous Grand Marais, MI!