Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Fabulous Weekend

Even though Gideon has had a constant succession of cold after cold after cold, he is still one smiley booger-producing factory. On top of these smiles, there are the ones generated from more awe-inspiring people. We were contacted by so many people following Channel WWMT's report. There are blood drives going on where filling out a fish is as much of the protocol as sipping some orange juice afterwards. I feel like that report opened our family up to meeting so many good-hearted people. This weekend was a tiptoe through an overwhelming host of angels on earth.

On Saturday, we met up with a family of race car drivers, the Long family, who were touched by the report and wanted to give Gideon and Brody racing gifts. We were given a signed racing suit, signed racing pictures, racing toys, much! We were awed when we stepped into the private room they booked for this meeting and the gifts were out on display. As you all know, Gideon loves his race cars. As my family members can attest, he will only play with race cars with "numbers on the side." Brody and Gideon were speechless, and that was a first.

The most tear-jerking moment of this meeting is when we were told that they were going to run a race in Gideon's honor. His face is even going to be on the hood of Jan's car! The part that I can't contain is the fact that all of the money raised at this event will be donated to CureSearch which is a PEDIATRIC Cancer research group. I didn't know until Gideon was diagnosed, but only a fraction of all money donated to cancer research is dedicated to researching for pediatric cancer. I used to think, Well, one breakthrough for one kind of cancer is a breakthrough for all cancer. The truth is: there needs to be less toxic treatment for these itty-bitty bodies. That's a long-winded way to say I AM SO VERY EXCITED that this race team is not only raising awareness for childhood cancer, but raising money for it! BLESS YOU ALL! I will be sure to post more details as they come available so that we can all fill those stands. Another incredible fact: THIS RACE WILL BE A YEARLY EVENT!!! Woah.

Brody's last hockey game of the season was today. As you have read, the boy has been a hero through this all. So, I invited as many people as I could to cheer for Brody. A whole group of Western Bronco players came and not only cheered him on, but helped adjust his helmet and give him drinks from his water bottle. That was a touching moment for this momma. Brody wore the number 14 in Ian Slater's honor! We absolutely love these guys (and Chelsea, too!). Brody scored three goals. I have to say, he is kind of shy in front of everyone and doesn't say much (although he gets pretty macho on the ice), but when we got home he said, "Mom! There were SIGNS everywhere with my name on them! And when I scored, the whole stadium was so LOUD! That was the best feeling of my life." His eyes were one twinkling laser light show, let me tell you! He will never forget this day. THANK YOU, fans. You made my big Brody feel bigger than LIFE! We love you!


  1. i want to thank gideon and his family for allowing us to be apart of his life it really meant alot to us, now that he is part of the racing team we will help and race till we can find a cure for gideon!! thank you one again the schripsema for allowing us be a part of ur lives, sincerely long&crago racing team!!!!

  2. It was well worth the trip for me on Saturday. I got to meet 2 great kids and got to meet 2 very loving parents. I know now I have 4 great new friends. I want to thank them for a great day for my family and I. and allowing us to be a part of there lives. Thanks again for such a great day.

  3. Hi Amanda -
    You don't know me, but I'm from MI (living in LA now) and one of my friends posted your blog right after Gideon was diagnosed and I've been following you ever since cheering you on from the west coast. Anyway, I saw these kausbots online and I thought of you because they have one that benefits childhood cancer called Kourage. BTW - I'm not affiliated with this company at all - a friend sent me the link b/c there's a robot that benefits Autism and I'm a bit of an Autism advocate on behalf of my 4 year old son, so she thought I'd want to order one.
    Best wishes to you and your family!!!