Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We Love Ryan! (We all do!)

A fever monster has been lurking in this house. I am doing all I can to trap it and demolish it, but he's one sneaky guy. I make it out to sound all cartoonish, but really, it freaks me out and there is nothing pixelated about it. Brody had it, Tom had it, I had it....and? Last night Gideon threw-up (everywhere) profusely, but no fever. He doesn't want to eat, and I am doing all I can to make the boy think that water is the best liquid on the planet. It is, after all. He is on a juice kick. Tonight I told him that his dolphins (chemo meds) need more water in his body so that they can swim faster to slay the sharks (cancer). He bought it and drank it. The boy loves flavor, and I can't blame him!

So, besides being fused to a Lysol can, there's not much more I can do besides ask everyone to pray. I'm praying this bug leaves our house without wanting to make its home in Gideon. As you know, a fever is not a favorable situation for a boy with cancer. The happy-go-lucky girl of my past may not return, but that's okay (although I miss her sometimes). This is our new normal, as our Nurse Michelle would say.

In positive news: WE LOVE UNCLE RYAN! Ryan Harrell is one of Tom's best friends. He and Abby have three amazing little boys, and they are skiing partners and lifelong friends to our boys. Basically, if anything happens to Tom and to myself, our will states that our kids are to be given over to this family. So now you know how amazingly incredible they are to us.

To illustrate how loving this family truly is, Ryan is racing in The Kalamazoo Marathon in GIDEON'S HONOR! All of the money pledged from this site will be donated to our favorite charity: CureSearch! Every penny will go towards researching pediatric cancer. I hope if you find it in your heart to donate, you do so there. We will be at the finish line, Ryan!

Uncle Ryan, BABY Gideon and Tom

I had to share this soothing treat...for the ears and for the eyes. Mmmmm... I could stare at it nonstop until I fall asleep. Speaking of, nigh-night!

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  1. GOOD JOB, Ryan!

    Hope the bug leaves the house.