Tuesday, March 15, 2011


THANK you for the willingness to be a hero in donating blood. For many of you, it will be the first time. I remember the first time I gave blood at a high school drive, and the feeling of goodwill saturated my heart. I remember staring at that bag of blood and wondering whose veins it would fill: someone who suffered blood loss in a crash? Someone who had a blood disorder? I also remember that I never pictured the recipient as a three-year-old. I always envisioned an adult in the ER. Now the picture I put with the act is someone completely different, someone so pure and loving and grateful for that blood. Someone's baby will benefit from what you are doing. Someone's life WILL be saved. This is all because of the time you took out of your day to anonymously spread life to someone you don't even know. Maybe you'll feel lightheaded afterwards, but the warmth that will wrap your heart in loving the world will trump that. I promise. So... THANK YOU.

- Thursday, March 17
- Click here to schedule your appointment. SPONSOR code is HRC.
- PLEASE NOTE: Making an appointment will help to make things run smoother and more efficiently. Also, there will not be as long of a wait for you.
- There will be "fish" already there for you to decorate for Gideon

- Thursday, April 7 from 1 p.m. - 6:45 p.m.
Click here to schedule your appointment. The sponsor code is PFMC.
- There will be "fish" there for you to send to Gideon, as well :)!

I'll never forget after Gideon received one transfusion, he said, "Ahhhh... THAT feels better!" I can't imagine what it would feel like for the body to be so very thirsty for this life-sustaining fluid. Please know the difference you are making, you blood donating HERO. We love you.

Speaking of love, Gideon received his spinal chemo and Vincristine this morning. We are praying he stays in good health as his ANC level has dropped quite a bit. Tom is sick, so I am sanitizing all I can and Tom is trying to stay away from Gideon as much as he can. Please pray for Tom to heal completely, for these ANC levels to go back up, for the steroids to be nice (please), and for the bugs to die. Was that brutal? It's true, though. I want those bugs GONE.
True story: I sing this Van Morrison song to Gideon when he has to get blood. I changed the words, though. Please, blood donors, sing along and sing it to YOU! THE HERO!

I can hear his heartbeat from a thousand miles
Yeah, the heavens open every time he smiles
And when I come to him that's where I belong
Yeah I'm running to him like a river's song

She gives you blood, blood, blood, blood, saving BLOOD!
He gives you blood, blood, blood, blood, saving BLOOD!

He's got a fine pint of blood, when Gideon's feeling low down
And when it comes to him when the numbers goes down
Take away our trouble, take away our grief
Take away our heartache, in the night like a thief


Yeah, I need him in the daytime
Yeah, I need her in the night
Yeah, I want to throw my arms around him
Kiss him, hug her, kiss him, hug her tight!

And he's sick and feels so far away
Donor gives him some sweet blood, brighten up our day!
Yes, it makes him righteous! Yes, it makes him whole!
Yes, it makes him mellow down into his soul!



  1. I stumbled upon your blog as a "mistake" while I was searching for an old friend named Gideon, although now I would never call it a mistake. I have now spent hours reading every post and I experienced every emotion available to a human. I cried, laughed, was angry, wanted to close my eyes and deny truth. I felt it all with you. Most of all I felt your love for your family and I am amazed by your honesty and your devotion. I didn't think there were people like you left in this world. Thank you for changing my mind.

  2. Sorry that Tom is sick, praying he gets better.

  3. Gideon, We had our blood drive at the Kalamazoo Davenport University campus and even though we didn't collect as much blood as we hoped to we did collect a whole school of fish for you! Everyone who came through our student lounge, even if they weren't giving blood, colored a fish for you. I just need an address of where to send them to you! If your Mom could please let me know that I will get them in the mail to you. I hope you are feeling well today. It is such a beautiful spring day!
    Rita Smallcombe
    Student Life Assistant
    Davenport University, Kalamazoo campus

  4. Have you completely given up on hotmail? Miss you Amanda! I haven't dropped you a line on here in a while, but know that I keep up with your blog regularly and pray for Gideon (and all of you) daily. You truly are the worlds best mom. Hope to see you soon. Lots of love, Katie