Monday, November 15, 2010

We Belong Together...

"Weeeeeeeeee belong! We belong, we belong toge-e-ther!" Oh. The sweet falsetto voices of my two crooners in the backseat made me want to be the brown sugar dissolving in this delectable oatmeal moment. Somehow my boys knew all of the words to this Pat Benatar hit. Between the chorus and the part when Brody turned to Gideon and sang, "Close your eyes and try to sleep now!" and then Gideon caught his big brother's eye and sang back, "Close your eyes and try to dream!" It could not have been rehearsed better. I should have pulled over to witness all of this since my eyes were practically glued to the rearview mirror and my heart was floating somewhere above Oakland Drive. If you are driving down this road today and feel a sudden attack of hot chocolate soul warmth, I think you may have collided with my spirit that is still dancing out there.

It must have been 80's morning on our way to the clinic, which was a gift in and of itself. The next song came on was Prince's "Purple Rain." Gideon said, "MICHAEL JACKSON!" Brody replied, "No, Michael Jackson is the king. This is just the prince." You would be right, the smile on my face has not left me. Yet again, if you run into my soul-dancing-self still out there bounding around, please return her to me. Or not. She can continue to frolic since I can still feel her joy (it's good to always have a string on the kite-soul, I think). I am beyond lucky to have these two. I am crazy blessed. No matter how things turned out at the clinic, or how very crappy this cancer stuff can be or down I get, I have moments like these constantly.

Brody got a special package in the mail this weekend. He is a member of "SUPER SIBS," a club dedicated to the siblings of cancer patients. He got his own personalized trophy honoring him as a brave, courageous, loving and helpful big brother. It even has his name on it. He has been taking it with him everywhere. He brought it to the clinic this morning to show it off, and cannot wait until it is his share day at school. Bridgett, a fabulous staff member at the clinic, said, "Someday when you have your graduation party, you'll have all of your awards out on display. You will be the only one of your friends with a trophy like that one!" She is right. And, I must say, no sibling is more deserving than Brody.

While Brody stared at his trophy in the playroom, Gideon had his blood work done. This is to ensure that he is ready for his all day chemo tomorrow. He will get spinal methotrexate, ARA-C through his port, Cutoxan through his port, and oral chemo. It will be intense, but then again, that's the name of this stage. We are praying he gets through tomorrow beautifully. We will go in to the clinic once everyday for a chemo "shot" in his arm, as well as the oral stuff at home. I'm not sure how his body will react to it all, but I'm praying it responds as it should without any hiccups (or throw-ups, to be honest). His numbers came back showing that he is ready to stay on schedule and get everything tomorrow. Please pray for him.

We're always hoping for the best.

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  1. Thinking about you all today and praying it will go well! Love the Pat video. Keep having those soul dancing moments. I think it makes you and your boys that much stronger!