Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sports Sunday

Thanks, Rob and Priya for accompanying us on the couch for some Lions letdown. WE MISSED YOU, TEAGAN! Happily, this couch went from a glum place of ho-hums to one of complete celebration over the RED WINGS! At least we have you bright red boys to get our hearts resuscitated once again. Someday, Lions... SOMEDAY.

Gideon did well this weekend. We had some Gideon-mommy time as Tom and Brody went to the Western football game. Brody got to go into THAT locker room, as well. We love Coach Cubit. I wonder if Brody just thinks it's normal to go into locker rooms with teams. He is one LUCKY boy.

While Gideon and I chilled at home, I watched his energy level go from nonexistent to pretty normal all in the matter of a couple hours. As a mom, I have experienced taking care of an ill child. But this is nothing like I've ever seen before. During normal viruses, there are a few days of absolute sickness and then....better. This chemo stuff is a whole new kind of sick. Sometimes it lasts days, sometimes hours. One thing is a fact: I am doing everything I can to get Gideon to eat. He has no appetite. I even Google image searched different foods with him, pointing and saying, "Does this look yummy? How about this? OoooOooo...Look at this!" No. That didn't fly. So, I am just pushing fluids. I have read WAY too many ALL Leukemia blogs about dehydration, lately.

Gideon wanted to go on a bike ride with me during our playdate together. He then was the Bubble Dictator on his little outdoor chair. As he blew bubbles, I had to perform crazy acrobatics to pop every single one. They flew a little high once in awhile and Gideon yelled at me, "C'mon, mom! JUMP! You can do better than THAT!" And then he'd scream, "Duck!" or "LOW! GO LOW!" Oh, he loved being in charge. So much so that we did this for an hour and a half. We painted after that... I needed a little reprieve.

After MUCH fussing and naysaying, I finally convinced both boys to watch the newest Tinkerbell movie with me. I am a girly girl and I never get to see these kinds of shows! They gave in and reluctantly cuddled with me. They finally got into it when Tinkerbell was almost eaten by a cat. It figures! Still, it ended up being a fabulously relaxed weekend.

What feels the BEST is that this entire blog was as relaxed and low-key as a Sunday SHOULD be... there were no emergencies. There were no scary situations. Just relaxation. Thank you, God.

This week:
- Daily oral chemo (NOT a fan of 6TG)
- Labs and port chemo on Tuesday
- Leg shots Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
- Normal doses of Bactrim and Zofran

Brody with Western's quarterback, Alex Carter


  1. So thankful for your chill weekend. LOVE your bangs, by the way! You are one beautiful lady (as always). I love how excited Brody looks next to that quarterback. I also love the way Gideon is getting some baby therapy in that first picture. He is still gorgeous with HIS new hairstyle, too. Love you all!

  2. Great pictures!!!

    Thanks for letting Gideon and Brody play with David and Zea at the home of their grandparents, Nancy and Gary. We had a great time with them, Gideon liked to tell lots of fun stories.

    Love to all,

    The Buds