Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Cute Crabby Cake.

The gum in my mouth is stale and I'm WAY too tired to get up, truck all of the way to the garbage in the kitchen, and throw it away. Could someone come over and dispose of it, please? Kidding. I wouldn't have you do that... I'll just swallow it. Ha! I am so funny when my eyelids are demanding to become my own personal Great Wall of China to the world. This screen right now is fuzzy. Not blurry. Actually fuzzy like a white kitten with Times New Roman speckles. Maybe I should take a nap, huh?

Gideon and I started our day bright and early with the birdies. Nope. More like the bats. It was 12:30 in the morning and Gideon was ready to practice his all-you-can-eat techniques/strategies/battle plan for the DAY. My little honey should enroll in one of those contests: either an all-you-can-eat contest or a never-fall-asleep contest. Either-or. HOWEVER, this way of life is on the way OUT. WOOHOO! He took his last steroid last night and we celebrated with some dancing. Gideon likes me to hold him while dancing, and the workout is gradually becoming more intense. This is probably a good thing since that pizza at 4 in the morning always looks good to ME, too. Sympathy steroids... Who would've thought?

Here they are: My Cute Crabby Cake and his Sweetie of a Big Brother. My moment of sleep deprivation elation today was when Gideon was sitting on my lap on the top stair, lovingly looking into my eyes, and petting my face. We pet in my family. Anyway, he said, "I'm so happy you're here, Mommy. Could we go to the store so I can buy you flowers?" Ummm... Could you also pick up my heart from the bottom stair since it just swelled about a story in height? He even wanted to use his own money.

As you can see from the pictures above, we went to the store and he picked the brightest bouquet he could. The gem even said, "Are there daisies in this one? Those are your favorite!" Yes. He knows my favorites. He pays attention. Can you say "Husband of the Year" in twenty six years? Swoon. (That's if the steroid raging ends by then... Praying, ladies! He and his brother are mighty fi-ine catches.)

I'm hoping he embraces this euphoric persona throughout the night. This is the night of all nights, people. He has to FAST from 12 midnight on (that was redundant: "12 midnight" and I just took more time to explain my disapproval over this terminology rather than just backspacing. Keeping it. Even this tangent in parenthesis. Gotta stay real.)! No food or drink -- not even water. (Yes, I called and asked, mom). Nervous doesn't even begin to explain it. So, once again: This mommy is relying on complete strength from God. Please pray for me. If you can't sleep, please give me a call. If you can hear me over the screaming, we could have a great conversation. Great ideas often blossom from sheer exhaustion and a listening ear. But, I believe in miracles. This whole experience has taught me that they are possible and DO happen. My miracle prayer: That Gideon eats at 11:30, hits the pillow, and stays asleep until it is time to go to the Clinic. I believe, I believe, I believe! I found my FIRST four leaf clover yesterday when Gideon pointed at a clover flower he wanted me to pick. Do you know how many HOURS in my life I have dedicated to this quest of finding this four-leafed fable? Too many. It is mildly embarrassing. This includes my ADULT life. Anyway, I FOUND ONE in the millisecond of my child pointing his finger to the ground! So, I will also find a peaceful night sleep with Gideon, too. Anything can happen!

Please also pray for the spinal chemo that will be injected into my boy at 8:15 in the morning tomorrow morning. I pray for NO adverse reaction and that the drugs do what they are meant to do! So far, we are slaying sharks across this Cancer Battlefield. Let's get 'em all!

P.S. This is completely random, but please, please, PLEASE always pull over for ambulances. A teenage boy trying to impress his girlfriend on the way to the mall sped PAST an ambulance with its lights on and my blood has been boiling ever since. Okay. That was my public service announcement. I feel much better. Thank you for letting me rant. Also, if teenage boys are reading this: Girls are not impressed when you break laws. Especially if you break a law that could get in the way of saving a life. Okay. The tirade Thanks, again.


  1. Do you need more gum? I'll put it on your doorstep. You are even funny when you're tired. Thank you for not deleting your thoughts! What would you name the Times New Roman cat? Just wondering.

  2. I so love that you are raising boys who, on their own, think to buy you flowers! What sweet, wonderful boys!

    Tonight, I am praying for you and knowing that miracles can happen and that God is Good! I hope things go smoothly and that all goes well tomorrow. I less than three you!

    May the Force & God be with you tonight!

  3. Praying for a peaceful night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mandy -
    Our thoughts and prayers are going out to you and Gideon that he will have a peaceful procedure and the chemo will kill all of the sharks!!! God Bless you

    Ciocia Adele and Uncle Tom

  5. Always, ALWAYS pull over for ANY emergency vehicle!!! That frosts my cookies to see people blasting past, around, and in front of them!

    I am sooooo pulling for a peaceful night for you all! I will be here, most likely awake, until an ungodly hour. Much of it will be spent with you on my mind and wondering how you are doing!!!

    Crossing appendages as I try to type that way - crossing eyes doesn't help that endeavor, however. Kids are looking at me funny, but ignore it when I tell them I am doing it for you and Gideon. They send their prayers as well!

    I'm so glad Mr. Crabby Cake had some more moments of sweetness today. Kinda makes all the horror of the chemically induced tirades worth it, doesn't it? *sigh* I feel so helpless, since there really isn't much I can do to help, but I'm doing all I can from here!

    Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers even on the days when I don't get here to read. ALWAYS. We all love all of you, and are so hoping for a swift, complete end to the nasty sharks!!
    ~~Aunt Nancy~~
    and the rest of the motley bunch!

  6. Hey you,
    I've been thinking about you like crazy and have been wondering how your night went. We're praying for Gideon this morning and for you too. Lots of love! Do not hesitate to call if you need anything.

  7. So thankful that all went well and the night was way better. Love - The Buds

  8. Thank you for sharing the pictures Amanda. Your boys are just so beautiful inside and out. ~Linda Parker~