Monday, July 12, 2010

Change of plans... We go with the wind.

The weather and the treatment for cancer: no matter the predictions, sometimes it rains when it's supposed to be sunny and is sunny when it's supposed to rain. We can cry and mope and pout when it rains, or go splash in puddles and see just how muddy we can get. I've always been a fan of jumping in puddles. Just ask my mom (sorry about that Easter dress, mom... I was fashion forward. Somehow I knew those brown mud polka-dots would look lovely on light blue taffeta).

Tonight was supposed to be the starvation night before the intense chemo tomorrow (spinal, etc.), but we had a change in plans. Gideon was grouchier than normal on Sunday (yesterday), and I blamed the prolonged double daily dosage of steroids for this animosity for all living and inanimate objects within a twenty foot radius of him. He kept saying "OW!" throughout the day, and I would ask him what hurt, but I'd get, "NOTHING, mom! I'm FINE!" OoooOooo... a hormonal teenager at the tender age of three, huh? Anyway, that night I was changing him into his jammies and I noticed the band aid over his port had something seeping through. I took off the band aid and saw red rings around each of the puncture wounds from when he was accessed throughout the week. Each puncture had white in the middle and clear fluid seeping out. Sorry. I hope you're not eating. I immediately called the on-call Oncologist and was told to watch his temperature throughout the night. If a fever spiked, I was to go in. If not, I would have to go into the Clinic in the morning.

No fever all night was a great thing! When we went to the hospital, I was told that his blood count, the cancer, and all of the drugs makes it very difficult for Gideon's body to heal itself. It was a topical problem with "retarded healing" -- that is what the Oncologist called it (I will keep my thoughts to myself on that one)! So, we have topical antibiotics and Gideon's big chemo day will be Thursday instead of Tuesday. Wednesday night will now be the tired one. Well, more tired than normal...

Gideon did not like that Dr. Lobel had an owie on his hand, and decided to be HIS doctor. He put a band aid on his golf injury and the boy didn't stop smiling. He was being his lover of people this morning... my sweet boy. The nurse and the doctor were floored by Gideon's delightful banter and happy smile throughout this check-up. They said it is exceedingly rare for a child at this stage of the steroid treatment to be anything less than a monster. Of course they have not seen him at home, but it did my heart some good knowing that his positive nature and loving disposition trumps those chemicals coursing through his body (sometimes). Those glimpses keep me smiling, truly.


  1. Praise God that it was retarded healing and nothing worse! =) So blessed that you got to see the true-blue, sweet boy of yours....praying for you W night! xoxox

  2. How did I know you were a puddle splasher? Thanks for the idea. It's supposed to rain tonight. Tomorrow morning our family will love life in honor of Gideon and splash in puddles. He is an inspiration.

  3. I love seeing God work through you, and through Gideon. It's awesome that God has replaced some of Gideon's angry moments, with moments of sweetness. A much-needed reprieve! I admire you both so much for all you are going through. I love his puffy cheeks and I love to read your stories, Amanda. I pray that God will keep giving you massive amounts of strength, and that he will give you rest in between the moments of your new culinary career. Night shift. Maybe we can pray God will switch you to the day shift! Jenelle

  4. Derek roehl (Western Hockey)July 14, 2010 at 1:20 PM

    Im happy to read that Gideon is staying positive and continuing to be a warrior and smile! Us guys are all thinking about you guys and hope things continue to look up everyday! :)
    Your in our thought and prayers

  5. Your cousin Jessica was a puddle-splasher too, it must run in the family. Why walk around it when you can stomp THROUGH it, right? ;D

    I am HERE and will be online tonight!!! As well, I will be near the phone if you need a 'lifeline.' I know I can't make the 2 1/2 hr cruise over in time to help, but (WOW) do I ever want to!

    I'm so very glad that you still get glimpses of that sweet, loving child that you brought into this world. That's a BIG plus right now. And I'm also VERY glad that the nurses and staff let you know how unusual it is, so you would understand how much your sweet baby is fighting the chemicals and disease in his fragile little self.

    I have this feeling that, when all is done and this insidious disease has been given the old heave-ho, he might have a few issues to work out. Then again, with you for a mom, he will most likely work it all out as he goes along. I know you're with him every step of the way and are doing your very best to help him understand all these horrific things that are happening to him. You are one of my heroes, m'dear, no doubt about that!

    Hope you got some rest today... and that Gideon at least partially understands why he can't have his all-night buffet. I am crossing all appendages possible, even if I have to hop like a kangaroo for a while, that things go as well as possible tonight!
    MUCH LOVE & STUFF!!!!!
    ~~Aunt Nancy~~