Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Orange is my new favorite color! THANK YOU to all of you amazing students, families, and staff members who came out to the ORANGE OUT basketball game last night. I even had former students come home from college to show their support... I love and miss every single one of you.

KATELYN DRAKE: The girl responsible for all of this... I can never thank you enough. I can never express my gratitude for your giving and selfless heart. Your future in nonprofit charity work is going to change the world; I just know it. I'm excited to witness how you will improve our future (you already have).

Making beautiful memories is my favorite pastime, and one surpassed all of my best expectations last night. As Kirt Brown announced Gideon's name at halftime to come draw the winning tickets (for ICE watches donated by Medawar Jewelers), the crowd on both sides of the court stood up cheering for Gideon. He had a mask on, but the boy was beaming.

As we crossed the court, he said to me, "Are all of these people wearing orange because they want no more Leukemia sharks?"

"Yes, Gideon," I answered over the cheers. I have no idea how I didn't lose it since tears were welling up in my eyes.

"That's good, mommy! Nemo is orange," is how he answered.

I'm locking that one in my heart forever. His simplistic and staggering view of this world makes me want to wear his lens of life on my eyes until my last breath.

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  1. Love how people u gave so much to (your students) give so much back! That's pay it forward at it's finest.