Monday, December 20, 2010

New day

What a difference a day makes. THANK YOU, Pastor Kevin, for speaking right to my heart when you prayed for the peace of God to surge through the souls of those "overwrought and overwhelmed moms" -- I needed that, and I felt it. The peace, that is. I felt the peace, and let the stress dissolve at the altar.

THANK YOU, God, for that mama instinct that says go-check-on-your-baby and I made it to Gideon's class just in time for him to throw up -- a lot. I think there is a sick-inducing chemo in the mix right now. It wasn't a virus, it was the chemo. Thanks, Don and Gloria for helping!

Thank you, DEB MILKA, for going to see a chick flick with me yesterday. I adored your company, as always. I also love the fact that you embrace my idiosyncrasies. I know we are a block away from Crossroads, but we would not have seen the icicle lights of downtown or the gloriously ORANGE bathrooms of The Rave.

THANK YOU, Gideon, for being more sped up yesterday as a talker, and not as an aggressor. On our way home from church, Gideon requested a pizza (minutes after the throwing up and second episode of throwing up in the car). He said, "Pizza starts with a 'P'! Popcorn starts with a 'P'! Look, I see a 'P' in that sign! Look! Another one! That P is everywhere.....even in the toilet!" HA! An itty-bitty three year old voice makes this joke even funnier. Even funnier is the fact that he made it up on the fly.

I cannot believe his comedic tendencies. I have a funny prodigy on my hands. When Tom got home, Gideon said, "Daddy, people don't need real guns since we all have...........BUTT GUNS!" and then he bent over and let it rip. So, the toilet humor is under wraps. He will break into newer genres as he gets older, I'm sure. To be honest, though... Toilet humor is still the funniest to me. I don't think that'll change. If you don't laugh at a fart, I don't trust you.

Gideon also has been lovey yesterday since he just is so puke-ridden. So, we have been cuddling and loving. Then, he wrote me a song (heard below), and it made me cry. It soothed my pressured soul after feeling like the boy absolutely loathed me the day before.

This morning we have not had puking. His hands and body are shaking again, but he is happy! He made it into a joke. Imagine that. He said, "Watch, mommy! I keep missing my mouth!" and with each shake he let the forkful of food careen into his cheek. Sweet mess. Gideon even shared his sausage links with his brother... Peace, peace, peace. What a way to usher in this happy forthcoming of Christmas.

(Okay... I spoke too soon. Gideon threw up. We are rocking now. Please pray his tummy settles today. That's the prayer request du jour.)


  1. I am just glad that I could be part of making your day more joyous. I love downtown and orange bathrooms and good movies and you! I am also glad that your day was better than the previous day.
    Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help during the next couple of weeks.

  2. after all, toilet humor is why we're friends! so glad you found someone to snag a chic flick with you! and so glad that you're capturing these moments on video:)

  3. "CAT with an E," aka "Nerdyspice": Toilet humor is just a drop in the bucket (as it were) in the realm of reasons we are pals. Merry Christmas, mama-to-be! <3 I adore you. Wanna grab a decaf with me one of these days? I will have a caf, to be honest.

  4. Happy to see that excitement, fun and adventure are things that come up so natural to Gideon, and that these are really helpful and inspiring to you. Another amazing thing is that it happens on a regular basis.

    Merry Christmas!!!
    The Buds