Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

We reside in Breakdown City over here. Tom and Brody tried to sneak the fact that they were going skiing this afternoon, but that Gideon is no fool. He knew what was going on and profusely asked over and over and over, "May I PLEASE go with you? I will ski with mommy! She can HOLD me!" That he thought me holding him while going down a hill was a good idea shows his absolute desperation. I had to be straight with him.

"Gideon, your platelets are low right now. You aren't ready to ski yet. Your body will get more hurt than most people's if you fall. You can ski when your platelets are up!"

Brody didn't like how I was explaining things to his baby brother, so he stepped in, "Gideon, you're like a light bulb right now and I don't want you to break, okay?"

With tears rolling down his precious cheeks, he squeaked out an "Okay." I told him my skis and his skis were hanging out together in the basement, talking about their next run, and that further helped him out. As soon as the door closed and Tom and Brody were gone, his little bottom lip started to tremble.

"LET'S PAINT!" I belted and jumped up in a way that would shock him into forgetting he was sad by my crazy outburst. Being borderline crazy helps in many situations, I have found. Gideon loves to paint. So, paint we did! We painted ornaments, and he was so adorably focused on the task. I should have taken pictures of him with his delicate brushstrokes, his intense stare, and intermittent evaluation of his work here and there. I was too into my own painting, though. We both get lost in creation, Gideon and I.

We had a KIDS satellite station on since Gideon got to choose our creative inspiration music. We have had 24/7 Christmas music on over here, and I think he wanted a little break. A song came on, and I kid you not: Gideon put his paintbrush down, looked at me with eyes that said, "You HAVE to be joking!" and then he said, "This song needs to be turned off, please." I asked him why and he answered, "She whips her hair and that's ALL." I think he meant, "She says 'I whip my hair back and forth' too much and it annoys me." I started to laugh and turned off Willow Smith's song (Will Smith's daughter. AND...I just blogged about Will Smith. CRAZY connection, huh? I didn't think about that until now).

As we sat in the quiet, Gideon started to sing his own song. I asked him to sing it a little louder, and it came out "I WANT MY HAIR!" over and over and over. Seriously this kid makes me lose weight from LAUGHING. Of course, I gain it back by eating what is leftover on his plate, but STILL! I think he got his inspiration from Willow, although copyrights should not be infringed since his notes and timing are completely different than Willow's. Also, it's a cancer kid singing about wanting hair. I think he'll be forgiven. :)

We started the afternoon with tears and ended it with song. Not too shabby, huh?

So that you can follow this blog post (in case you haven't heard this song):

And, now....Gideon's song:


  1. Amanda - this is adorable! Your family is in my prayers.

  2. Yeeeah Gideon! You're definitely all that!
    I only watched 1/2 of Willow's video . . that was enough. I liked your "i want my hair" better'n her "i flip my hair".

    always PRICELESS this boy!

  3. Inform Gideon that Megan and I can't stand the song either...I like his much better:)

  4. Amanda,

    Andy had his 6th birthday on Wednesday! He went to the clinic yesterday (Thursday) for his monthly post-chemo checkup, and continues doing fabulously. His blood counts are: Hemoglobin – 13.0, White Blood Cells – 6.0, ANC – 2,400, and Platelets – 191,000!

    As we were about to leave, a young man came into the office—maybe 17 or 18 years old—and Von said to him, “I’m sorry, sir, I think you’re in the wrong office. This is just for pediatrics.” Then she smiled at him and asked, “How long has it been, a whole year?”

    Hope. There is hope.

    You remain in our prayers daily. -Ray Jenkins


    I adore you. I love you. THANK YOU for all of the support, calls you take from me, and the HOPE of what's to come. HOORAY for ANDY (and for all of you)! You guys are my favorite family on this planet. <3 <3 <3

  6. I HEART GIDEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is in my every thought! xxxxxmoi Jenelle