Sunday, December 12, 2010


I don't believe in accidents anymore. Not one tiny iota or single dust particle floating in front of the sun-drenched window do I think accidents occur anymore. Mistakes may, but not accidents. And no, they are not the same.

We have soundtracks for every single step in our lives. They are musical soundtracks that I play for different situations. It's like a movie in this house, only we have a wider variety in our musical spectrum than the Jaws-like crescendo of instruments and clashing of ominous symbols. Lately, we listen to our "SONG TWO" in our Morning Soundtrack quite a bit. It is a song written in Icelandic by a band from Iceland (I guess that was a little Captain Obvious of me...) called Sigur Ros. We usually spin in circles to this song. Lots and lots of circles until we have to lay on the floor to get steady again. Yes, this has been a favorite, and the boys ask for me to repeat it because they KNOW my weakness when it comes to twirling and this particular song. Also during this time, we have been experiencing more nosebleeds from our body sensitive Gideon. The nosebleeds aren't related to the spinning since they don't happen during or after the fun, but you will see the connection soon. (By the way, SUPERHERO Nurse Michelle gave us the tip to hold an ice-pack on the back of the neck when nosebleeds strike, and it WORKS.) Anyway, please remember these few popular activities of ours: SONG TWO, spinning in circles, rolling in snow (well, I didn't mention that, but now I did), and nosebleeds. Also, please note: we had no idea what Sigur Ros was singing about...not at all. (Tom and I did have the opportunity to hike in Iceland, and let me tell you, IT WAS OUR FAVORITE COUNTRY! If you are a hiker and love the outdoors...DON'T miss it! But we didn't even attempt the language. So, again...I had no idea what Sigur Ros was falsettoing about. Woah. That was another sidetrack. Again.)

Brody wanted to make a computer movie, and he picked this song. Once he made his portion, I looked up the meaning of the lyrics. I didn't want to post it if Sigur Ros was singing about something I don't support. Like laundry. Anyway, I found the translation and had to close my eyes in order to let my heart stop turning amazed flips. That warm Holy Spirit comfort set fire to my heart and I was thankful Brody chose this song and that this led me to finding out what it meant. This movie includes the lyrics to the song, and I think you will see why I no longer believe in accidents. Grateful, grateful, grateful.

(NOTE: There are "nose picking" pictures in here. They did not cause nosebleeds since they weren't the digging deep kind, it was the rest-your-finger-by-your-nostril-'cause-it's-funny kind. So Gideon's sensitive nose canal was by no means harmed in the creation of this movie. Thank you.)



  1. Beautiful. This whole thing is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I just sobbed my way through your video. No accidents...true statement, shared by the true Glinda. :)