Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Snowmen in August

"I want to make a SNOWMAN!" That was the first thing out of Gideon's mouth after his nap. He then went on to describe the most elaborate snowman he made in his dream. There was even a "purple scarf with sparkle dots on it" (I think that was added for my benefit, the honey). I told Gideon that yes, we'd make a snowman, and Brody overheard. The big brother looked at me like, "Oh great. She's done for. Lost it. The egg brain is now officially scrambled. There goes my crazy mommy..." The sad part was he looked like he knew it was coming :). So, we made some marshmallow snowmen, as seen above. We named them, let them have their first ever conversation on earth, and then promptly ate them. A short and sweet life. Ha! "Sweet."

We then packed into the car and went to the hospital to pick up a human pooper-scooper. Yup. We get to collect Gideon's feces and bring it back for testing. We are making it into a joke because, come on! How many afternoons begin with candy snowman and then transition into gathering materials to trap poop? Brody was the best at coming up with poop jokes. His new school teacher is going to LOVE him next year. He made a loud toot sound in the back seat and then yelled, "MOMMY! QUICK! PULL OVER! GIDEON IS GONNA BLOW! LET'S UNWRAP THAT POOPER SCOOPER!" Then PAPARAZZI came on the radio and Brody changed the words to "POOPY! POOPY GIDEON!" Did I mention that Gideon will have NO problem dealing with bullies someday? He just laughs. The best retaliation, if you ask me. If it makes you feel any better, I overheard Brody give Gideon a Bible lesson shortly after the poop jokes. Here it is, I had to type it out as soon we got home so I wouldn't forget it:


"What, Brody?"

"Did you know there is a Gideon in the bible?"

"NO! I the only Gideon!"

"No... he lived long ago in the 1950's." (Yes, he really said that) "He was cooler than David and Goliath! (Gideon's favorite Bible story) You know why?"

"Why, Brody?"

"Because David beat Goliath with a stone, and Gideon beat a WHOLE ARMY with MUSIC!"

Swoon... Swoon... Swoon... I needed to get that story in my blog just so that I have it in my arsenal of cuteness to reminisce and wistfully ponder over in my old age sappiness. I wonder if I'll get even more nostalgic as the years progress. I bet I will.

You're probably wondering why we are collecting poop. Let me backtrack. (Do you get dizzy reading my spiraling thought process?) Since Friday, or maybe even Thursday evening, Gideon has had massive diarrhea. He also finds food repulsive as well as any liquid beverages. I feel like I am running some kind of circus just to get him to take a bite of any meal. On top of that, we have the constant runs to the bathroom. These runs extend into the night (and yet again, the pun comes to visit). He has not had a fever, and for the most part he is behaving like the sweetie he is. He just gets irritable when he is about to go or when he feels like he's going to vomit. So, Dr. Lobel wants us to collect so that they can test for any problems beyond chemotherapy kickbacks. You know I'll let you know when I know...

We are lucky that even though we have had these issues, we had an ALMOST normal weekend! Still there has not been a ton of sleep due to the bathroom problem, but there was also summer sun! We completely escaped as the Wolthuis family invited us to their trailer on the beach for some summer fun. Gideon mostly sat on my lap, but he also sat on my lap for a kayak ride! We were so very thankful to relax together and chat... And, we didn't have to worry about germs. It was freeing. Thank you, Wolthuis family!


  1. ~~~~Praying the poop is clear~~~~~
    Also, I love the bible lesson from Brody.

  2. Love reading your thoughts. Awesome. Keep it coming, girl! xxxxxmmmoi! Jenelle