Sunday, August 15, 2010

Magic Juice

Ahhhhh... What a relaxing, low-key weekend. It began in a very exciting way. We got our paperwork from Make-A-Wish that included an adorable card for us to read to Gideon. It told him that he was allowed ONE magical wish and then went on to prompt him with questions like, "Have you ever wanted to go somewhere? Is there anyone you would love to meet?" Questions like that. (And, no... I didn't try to lead him into the decision that singing with Ewan McGregor for a day is REALLY what he wants. I was tempted, but no.) He basically can wish for anything except for a house or a car. When I presented this to him, he took a in a sharp intake of air and his eyes got huge. "WOAH!" he breathed. Then, he got quiet. He sat still on the couch and his eyes kept sparkling with dazzling thoughts. I didn't want to rush him. Watching him dream with his eyes open made it so I didn't want to get out of the water of that moment. It was too nice. Innocent. Sweet. In that time period I think all that existed on this planet were Willie Wonka sugar lands, race cars, all-you-can-grab toy stores, and every friendly flying dragon the galaxy could hold.

All of a sudden his eyes blinked wide and he shouted, "I GOT IT!" I could survive on that smile alone when he came to this realization.

"What did you decide?" I asked.

"I want...." he paused for the dramatic flare and his eyes glimmered mischievously. Then he whispered so quietly the answer that I practically had to put my ear on his mouth, "...magic juice!"

I instantly smiled because of the sheer beauty of his innocent view of the world. Also, because he still believes in magic. This is to be celebrated in this warp-speed growing up he has had to live through recently. "What does this magic juice do?" I asked, thinking he would rattle on and on about the way it would take him anywhere or make him fly.

I was unprepared for his answer. I was still in the world of Make Believe, and as my parents can attest, it is always difficult to pry my out of that land. He looked at me with an are-you-kidding-me look in his eyes and even shook his head as if to say, "DUH!" And then he said, with his brow all furrowed in seriousness and his hands gesturing for emphasis (I love it when he talks with his hands...I'm a sucker for that), "The magic juice will make me better just like this!" And he clapped his hands once to show the instantaneous effect of this potion. He smiled and waited for my normal jubilee response to the happy news.

But my heart was stuck somewhere between my lungs and was getting strangled with every breath. Beautiful boy. Beautiful, beautiful unsullied soul boy. As always, when my heart is being strangled, tears come. Blink. Blink. Blink them back! I had to snap out of it so that we could keep this conversation spotless of anything that could possibly resemble the negative.

I then helped him streamline his thoughts. We talked about how they can grant wishes, but the miracles had to be left to God. That we will continue to fight those sharks and keep them away, but this organization would grant a WANT that would make him feel so very happy during the battle time. As we went through the questions again, he brought up Disney World (I didn't prompt, either!) or a Lightning McQueen Powerwheel car he could drive down the sidewalk. He said if he got a Powerwheel, Brody would have to get one, too. "No fun driving alone," he said. So, he is still trying to decide. I am personally hoping for the Disney trip :)! I'll let you know once he reaches a final decision.

Another soul-lifter was the fact that our NO SHARK T-Shirt sale was successful beyond all I could have anticipated. I will let you know the final numbers when we cut the checks! I can NOT wait to donate to organizations saving Gideon's life. Thank you, Oslund family and all of you who donated. If you ordered a shirt, could you please take a picture of yourself wearing it and email that picture to me? I am making a scrapbook (looking like it will be more like scrapbookS) for Gideon and I want him to see every card and every single person who supported him during this period of his life. Whenever he is feeling down about life, I will take down this book (or books) to show him how important he is in this world. Even strangers love him! My email is THANK YOU, everyone! I know Mike had to place the orders once the August 7 deadline came to pass, so once they are printed they will be shipped to you as soon as possible. Again, the floods of emails explaining who bought them and why has been food for my soul more than you know. There will even be an entire cheerleading squad donning Gideon's face very soon! You ladies fired up this crowd with the news alone...


  1. Amanda, some family friends had a daughter who battled cancer and not only did she wish for, and get, a trip to Disney World, but she got to be grand marshall in a parade at the Magic Kingdom! Make A Wish Foundtation is such a wonderful, wonderful organization! -Jocelyn

  2. Tears, tears, and more tears. What a sweetheart- wishing for magic juice! Pure innocents. How awesome would magic juice be! Love that boy. Hope you are feeling better. I'm so glad you're finally able to return home. We've been thinking about you and continue to pray for Gideon. Lots of love from all of us. Katie

  3. When I read "Make a Wish" all I could think was "out of the mouths of babs" so child like, so real, so precious, so focused on what is important in his life! What a witness to all those who know and read about him. God is working through him in ways you do not even know. God continue to be with all of you. Lois

  4. I just wanted you to know that my family and I are still praying for you guys. When I bring up your blog to check if there is anything new, if Elijah is sitting beside me he asks me to read outloud to him about how you all are doing. Today he said, "Read me 'bout Gideon!" and then he said, "I didn't get to play with him." (meaning at church) And I said, "don't worry, someday soon Gideon will be back in church in Don and Gloria's class and you'll get to play with him again!" Love and prayers. ~Linda Parker~