Wednesday, August 25, 2010


What a difference a day makes. One of Gideon's medications is making him feel as though sleep just isn't a necessity. The night before last he struggled to fall asleep until midnight and then was up and ready to tackle the day by 3 in the morning. He actually came up to me at three and said, "I think I hear birdies, mommy. WAKE UP!" It was then that I realized the dire importance of my complete adoration and love for this boy. If I loved him a smidgeon less, I would have locked him in the basement since I was tired to the point of feeling like I was hovering over myself. Every joint hurt, my ears were getting worse, and being alive did not hold the same amount of joy as normal... I actually cried and begged Gideon to sleep, and I got him to lay still and quiet for a little while. Still, three hours of sleep is not the greatest.

I was saved by Linda Larkin and Deb Petro (two of my first grade colleagues). They came over yesterday morning with breakfast food, toys, and unending patience. I was starved for all three things (even the toys).

I took Brody to Pre-K/Kindergarten screening at Portage while the ladies took over watching my Sleepless and Energy-Driven Gideon. Brody did an exceptional job at all "stations" of his screening. I was most impressed with his vocabulary. There were cards depicting different scenarios and the administrator would ask things like, "Show me someone discussing" or "Show me arguing" or "Show me experimenting" or "Show me someone being defiant." He is a language guru, I am proud to say! I had a moment of which I was not proud during the testing. During the Emotional/Social testing, I had a breakdown. I know, the irony isn't lost on me. Brody was asked what he did for his birthday, and he said, "I had a Spiderman cake and alll of the Bronco hockey team came! Now they are my friends! And...and... I had a party at Pirates Island and there were real pirates there!" Then his face got kind of sad and he said, "But...we had just found out my brother had cancer so it wasn't the best birthday ever. Almost, though." Unleash the waterfall. The test administrator started "sneezing" (and she won me over -- that is my tear-hiding tactic, as well) and I sat behind Brody, crying and digging for tissues.

Brody ended up testing Kindergarten-ready, but as I talked to the test-readers, I mentioned Gideon and my need to pull Brody throughout the year due to illness in his class. I can't take any chances. So, due to the possibility of missing school, emotional needs, his summer birthday, etc., we placed him in Pre-K. I am beyond happy with that! I even got to talk to Brody's future principal and she said we could set something up so that a parapro can bring Brody to the bathroom to wash-up and change before he is escorted out to the car of whomever picks him up. People have been calming me right and left. That was something I have been terrified over. What if I have to pick Brody up and Gideon is in the car? I can't take him into the school... Wait to worry, huh?

Once we were home, Deb and Linda remained so that I could NAP. And I DID! The boys were in heaven with these child-lovers and fun people. Talk about young children experts! They saved me from the inevitable disintegration or spontaneous combustion. One of the two were bound to happen, but didn't due to the much needed ZZzzz's.

After my nap, I checked out the mural in Gideon's room painted by Dave Larkin. The "Warrior Gideon" name on the fighter jet was an instant eye-mister. It is the most gorgeous mural I have ever seen. Gideon has been going to bed saying, "I sleep in the clouds, mommy!" His room is becoming his own private sanctuary.

Speaking of room remodeling, Kelly Jensenius is our decorator, and I cannot wait to see the gorgeousness that will be these rooms! I had a posse of middle school teachers painting stripes in Brody's SPORTS room, and it looks marvelous. Mattawan high school teachers did the first coat. We are surrounded by helping souls. This is the most excited I have seen Brody and Gideon in a long time! Thank you!

Also, thank you for the prayers. They are getting us through! Regardless of Gideon's lack of sleep, I am thankful for his spritely attitude and energy. We love the good days. I know his numbers will dip soon, so we will take advantage of this ball of energy now!


  1. Amanda, we continue to pray for all of you daily! Your posts typically make me smile & cry all at the same time. This one was no different. Brody's response at the testing really got me, wow, what a kid you've got, so special. Hope you are feeling better too!

  2. Of COURSE he is a language guru. Who is his mama?

    I am addicted to this blog. Please continue to comment here even after Gideon is cured and his port is removed. (I am certain this will be the outcome!) I want to read your reaction to life in general. You see things in such a unique way.

  3. I wish I could help more right now...BUT, some of my maternity leave will be spent visiting you! :)
    Please post pictures of the developing masterpieces. I can't wait to see the bedrooms.

  4. It looks like Brody and Gideon will have the coolest bedrooms in all of Michigan!!!!
    I received my shark shirt today - woo hoo!!!!

  5. So awesome! Sleep in the clouds, sweet little Gideon. Let God carry you. xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Go Brody for being so smart! He is very special. No doubt about it!