Friday, August 6, 2010

Wooo-oooo-Wooo-oooo (that's a police siren, if you're wondering)

There was a heavy knock on the door at 8PM and I saw the flashing red and blue lights outside my window. Most would panic, most would go through all of the possible reasons two squad cars would be in the driveway. A mental checklist would ensue. Everyone worries about a possible loved one being hurt, why then the lights? Framed. That's what it was. Maybe even an accessory to a crime without even knowing it (it's true! There are movies alllll about that!) Thankfully, I didn't have any of those worries since I was called ahead of time.

Gideon's little face was mashed up on the glass and he was ooooo-ing and ahhhhh-ing over the gorgeousness of it all (it was a Goonies moment for sure, sans the pizza and pop). These police officers made my boys' night! I took out my hand sanitizer to clean off all of the bad-guy cooties from the handcuffs, so no worries, readers. We had a crime scene investigation presentation as Brody's prints were lifted off of the car, and his footprints from the grass. Gideon was most impressed with the guns in their holsters (which were not taken out). He did get to see the taser gun. After they were given police-themed gifts and a couple of stuffed animals (which they are both sleeping with tonight), they went to bed with visions of exciting police action dancing in our heads. Thank you, Portage Police! You guys (and gals) were phenomenal and patient and loving.

Gideon had his spinal chemotherapy yesterday, and yet again, DIANE THE MUSIC THERAPIST saved the day! The two of us sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for an entire half of an hour after he was awake, but still in la-la land. He has to remain laying down flat for that time so that the chemotherapy soaks into all of the right places. I have had to pin a thrashing boy down in the past, and that is never pretty and always heartbreaking. Music heals and soothes, even when someone is still held within the confines of a sedative. It was peaceful.

While our throats were getting raspy from the singing, Brody was having his own party with the Marciniak family once again. They are our chemotherapy cheerleaders! As we were approaching the door of the hospital yesterday morning, Gideon started to giggle and said, "LOOK MOM!" Dawn, Maddie, and Isaac were hiding behind concrete pile-ons and popping up like that little gopher game while wearing silly faces and waving glittery pom-poms. They also brought food, fun, and most importantly...smiles. I love you, Marciniaks! We are so thankful for you.

The spinal went well, but this daily oral chemotherapy is still not a friend of mine. Little Gideon is becoming very little, again. His appetite has not come back and he does feel yucky sometimes. But, he is completely back to his sweet self. I want to record every single conversation between my two boys. They induce instant smiles and sometimes a stifled laugh as I listen.

We do have a piece of beautiful news: Dr. Lobel said that Gideon's blood chemistry showed his infection-fighting capabilities were up JUST enough to be able to go to the movies! Here were my instructions: Sit in the very last row (since coughs and sneezes would travel down) and sterilize the seat. I still didn't want to take any chances, so I also made Gideon wear a mask until we were seated, covered the chair with a blanket from home, and held on tight to my hand sanitizer for quick use if he touched anything other than his blanket or popcorn. Yes. I have become that mom.

We went today. I had no idea how much more his counts would be lowered by the spinal chemo in the days to come, so I wanted to go as close to the time it was all last checked (yesterday). Hardly anyone was there, and it could not have been more perfect. Gideon and I have been watching the trailer for "Despicable Me" all week. Over and over and over. It is because it made him belly laugh to the point of tears, and I have so missed that sound and experiencing that immense joy bubbling out of him. He has the kind of belly laugh that goes silent for a minute while his body still shakes. He has been traipsing around the house with his stuffed "Little Gog" saying, "IT's SO FLUFF-AYYYY!" like that adorable girl in the movie. Of course, on the way home, Brody and Gideon were throwing out new quotes and laughing some more. Gideon liked how the toilet shrunk and then the toilet water squirted the bad guy in the eye. Bathroom humor is popular at my house. Anyway, it felt so right and normal to have done that today.

I think this adventure did tucker Gideon out, and he went to bed as soon as it was offered. He also napped for three hours today. Sleeping equals healing, in my book. So, I am thankful for this healing day, for those boys dreaming about catching bad guys in their police cars, and for the quiet. Nigh-night.



  1. That is awesome news from the doctor, and I'm so glad Gideon got to go see that movie! Here's to many more beautiful pieces of news from Dr. Lobel, and many more belly laughs! All my love! Jenelle

  2. Hi! A friend of mine told me about your blog. Our three year old daughter has a.l.l. Leukemia also, we just found out last week Thursday after months of them thinking it was something else. She just had her port put in yesterday. This is all so overwhelming. I would love to talk to you sometime. We are in Kentwood Michigan. My email is I also have a facebook Amy Toering Sikkema, we could exchange phone numbers too if you'd like.

  3. Hi Amanda,
    Just a quick not here to let you know that we're praying for you guys and thinking about you all the time. I've tried calling a number of times but know that things are more than busy on your end. Please do not hesitate to call if there is anything I can do for you. We (and many others) are here for you. Lots of love! Katie