Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maestro Gideon

Gideon and I were trying to make a pom-pom bear, but my glue was not very cooperative today. So, we started to hum a song as we watched the little bear dance off his legs, his arms, and only one googly eye. I believe we were humming a concerto of some sort, because Gideon asked if we could listen to "BEAUTIFUL" music. I opened my iTunes, and let him click away. He nodded his head a little to The Weepies, he hummed with Mumford & Sons, but then he clicked on Vivaldi's Concerto in D Major for Lute and Strings and my boy was transfixed. Throughout the entire song, he stared at the screen smiling and letting those eyes just glow. When it was done, he whispered, "I want more of that, mommy! That was BEAUTIFUL!" I asked him why it was so beautiful and he said it was like he could "See the music." I am not kidding. He said that. He's four. And I wanted to bawl. The beauty inside of this boy just cannot be contained.

I asked him what he could see, and he said that there were dragonflies flying over a pond that was shining from the sun. I clicked on my Classical playlist and let him go to town. Every single time he clicked on a song, it didn't matter how long it was, he sat and listened to the whole thing. I wanted to hear his musings after each one, so I stopped folding clothes and watched him and waited. Sometimes I would interrupt the song and he would point to the play counter and say, "When this line is all filled up, we can talk." I promise he's the child and I'm the adult.

Two of the songs that he interpreted made me completely feel that awe again. He listened to the orchestral version of "O Mio Babbino Caro" and said it sounded like a mommy bird landing on her branch, scooting over to her nest, and waiting...waiting...waiting for her babies. Then! Then they were born and couldn't wait to fly, but mommy bird sang them to sleep again.

During Plaisir d'Amour, he closed his eyes throughout the whole thing while smiling. He said it was every mommy's song to her baby. Every mommy would want to rock her little one to it. And here I was sitting there and singing along with Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" the whole time it played. I am so uncultured.

He played me songs that were on the ocean and a ship was in trouble during a storm, but it stopped and the ship was safe. Gideon also played me a song about a vacuum that just didn't work anymore and a phone that just couldn't ring. They ended up being best friends.

Then he told me that "Panis Angelicus" sounded like what he heard when he was "in my belly" while he laughed in there and rolled around. He also said he could "touch my heart" while he was in there to make me laugh instead of puke. Since that's what "new mommies do...they puke." Too much sweetness in one child, I TELL YOU WHAT!

We all know how Classical music fires those neurons, but my boy also LOVES it at the same time. I wonder how he'll feel about Opera? Is it too early? For now I will GLADLY go with this Classical love. What a beautiful afternoon...


  1. Actually, Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love" COMES from that song you spoke of. So you are not uncultured, you have a good ear. Since Gideon loves the orchestral versions on opera songs, you could play the version he loves and follow it up with the vocal version to see how he feels. I love that this was your Sunday afternoon. More parents and kids should listen to this kind of music on Sundays if not on any other day. Bravo, bella mama!

  2. This totally inspired my music on Pandora I'm listening to today. Relaxing and happy. Love it!