Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gideon's Fever

I am tired. I know there were many of you praying last night, so I want to make sure I update all of you!

Gideon went in for his spinal chemotherapy and Vincristine push yesterday morning. When he was waiting for sedation, he already seemed very chill. He was acting calm and quiet, but I just thought he was readying himself for relaxation. The chemo injections went without issue. As Gideon woke up in his drug-induced stupor, he was amazed to see how we all grew more eyes and mouths while he was sleeping. That boy cracks me up.

Once I brought him home, Gideon seemed to just want to veg on the couch. I blamed it on the lasting effects of the sedation medication. Then, he fell asleep. Again, I assumed the sedation was longer lasting than normal. Once he woke up, he had major stomach issues (I just edited the first description...Sometimes I picture Gideon being 14 and re-reading this blog. He would have read what I just typed and erased, looked at me and said, "MooOOOoOOOm! This is sooooo embarrassing!" So, I filtered myself ALL on my own! Be proud, my more prudent friends!). Again, I blamed the heavy dosages of chemo.

Once I picked up his new monthly supply of chemo, Gideon was fast asleep in the backseat. I started to get a little nervous, but that nervousness peaked once I picked up Brody and Gideon was burning up. Not only was he HOT, but his eyes were glazed over, he was staring into space and completely not himself. His temperature was 102.8 degrees. I was told to take him back to the hospital.

His port was re-acessed without any numbing cream. I am now keeping a tube in my purse. Poor little honey was in so much discomfort and pain, and he had to go through more. He received antibiotics and fluids via IV. Then I was shocked when I was told Gideon could have Tylenol! Tylenol! As in the NORMAL kid drug!!! He hasn't been able to use that since fever cannot be masked when one has leukemia. He just had his numbers checked, and since they are currently high enough to know his body is working normally, we were granted this normal kid permission. It has never given me more pleasure than to give him something that eases the pain and fever.

We were released from the hospital, Gideon was put on chemo restriction (no chemo last night. I hate that. I feel like I missed an opportunity to battle this beast). I was told to check his temperature every few hours and if it went above 102 again, we'd have to call the on-call oncologist and most likely be checked in. Happily, that delightful drug known as Tylenol did its job and his fever stayed below 101. I may have been thermometer happy all night.

So now Gideon is back to taking his daily chemotherapy! He is laying on my lap and we are both in our jammies. He is very tired, coughing like crazy, and has a sore throat. I will keep my eye on him incase that fever monster pops up again. I just told Gideon how tired I am and he looked into my bloodshot eyes with those sparkling blues and sang with a croaky voice, "You gotta keep your head up, Oh-oh. You can let your hair down, Yeah-eah!" He IS a light. I am not very shiny these days, so I will have this blog act as his mirror for all of you following in order to spread his light.


  1. You are always shiny. Everyone who knows you knows that. Get a nap! Sleep! Take care of yourself, okay?

  2. I am always amazed at your son's spirit and attitude towards life. He is so much stronger and more positive than I would ever be.