Monday, November 21, 2011

Hospital Again

Gideon went to daycare a little quieter than usual. By 9:30, his daycare provider called and told me Gideon was laying on the couch with a temperature of 101 degrees. I immediately was able to get a substitute (thankfully). I took Gideon's temperature again in the car, and it was up to 102.4. We were told to once again go to the hospital.

Gideon's temperature kept going up and once he reached 103 degrees, he was allowed to take Tylenol. In the meantime, his nasal canal and throat were both swabbed. Many tests were ordered. As far as results of all of these tests go, bacteria was found in Gideon's blood. We don't know if that means that there was cross-contamination (something outside of Gideon created this bacteria after the blood was drawn) or if it is bacteria actually in Gideon's blood. Another sample was taken for closer inspection, and we will know in 2-3 days if this bacteria is something we need to contend with. Until then, I am telling myself it is cross contamination and nothing more. This is a calming strategy I have: denial. Well, denial and prayers that my denial is correct.

It was also discovered that Gideon is low in Immunoglobulin, an antibody made in our plasma that plays a crucial role in immunity. It sounds more like a Goblin who has a stuttering problem. Even though Gideon's numbers consistently look "good", this number is not one that is checked. Now that it has been discovered that the chemo is lowering this needed material, we will begin on a transfusion escapade. The Immunoglobulin is taken from blood products and Gideon will be infused on Wednesday. After that, he will regularly be scheduled for more transfusions.

Dr. Lobel said that 25% of the time this type of transfusion occurs, side effects occur. Those side effects include headache, fatigue similar to getting a Flu (which is due to antibodies interaction), or a rash caused from an allergic reaction to the product. There are also many other much more serious side effects that I refuse to type right now. Please, just pray that Gideon sticks within the 75% who have an easier time accepting this transfusion. Since the need for the antibodies outweigh the risks, Gideon will be revisiting the hospital this week for his first process. Please pray.

If you would like to help in any other way, please think about donating more blood in Gideon's name. Also, since this is a plasma situation, plasma donations would be even BETTER. Please click here if you feel moved to do something that will be a blessing to families like ours.

Thank you for all of the emails, texts, and prayers. I covet every single one of them and feel so very blessed to be surrounded by so many loving friends and family members!


  1. I am grateful to be learning so much about Brody and Gideon from your blog. I feel like I know them already.


  2. We will keep praying for you guys! Can't donate for another 2 weeks but will make it a priority.
    Mark & Brenda S.

  3. Praying for answers and healing tomorrow, Amanda. You, Brody and Gideon are in my thoughts constantly. I can't wait to see you soon. Hanging out with AMANDA is theeeeeee place to be. Even when things are so difficult, you still make us all crack up until we cry. How do you do that? Charisma. That's what it is. That and you are hilarious, sweet, fun and pretty darn perfect. Don't you forget that, m'lady!