Tuesday, October 26, 2010


"DORY CANNOT COME OVER!" That's what Gideon screamed at me from his medicine chair tonight. That scowl he wears makes me stare at him even harder, I want to memorize that little piece of stubbornness. His brow gets all puckered up and his lids make a menacing fold over his eyes. He even sticks out his lips in a HMPH! formation. If there is anyone who is as close to a cartoon as a human can get, it's Gideon when he is angry. I actually think it's adorable.

"What are you talking about, Gideon?" I asked while mixing up the meds at the counter.

"Dory is NOT allowed to jump in the water!" He yelled back. He screamed so loud that his voice cracked.

I was still stumped. I knew that Dory is from "Finding Nemo," but I had no clue what he was talking about. None. This is not new these days, he is STEROID BOY once again. His appetite is huge, his digestive system is insanely strange, and he has all of this GRRRR in him. He grinds his teeth constantly and head-butts me without realizing what he did. We have a blow-up football player guy who is supposed to "catch" the football, but instead we have let this animal cut lose on the toy. He kicks him. He strangles him; he drops the elbow on him... He needs a football team, I think. He has so much pent-up angst that he could make things happen on the field, no doubt.

I also found that Gideon talks without realizing he's talking. It's like he has a steady rant of inner-dialogue and then bits and pieces are said aloud without him realizing it. I thought that this was what was going on with this Dory situation... Whenever I try to make sense of these conversations that were not meant to be heard by me, he gets frustrated. Still, he was focusing his anger over Dory to me. I could tell he wanted me to understand.

"WHAT water, Gideon?" I asked.

He growled. It was actually pretty intimidating. See what I mean about getting him in on a football game? "MOMMY! My blood water! NO DORIES ALLOWED!"

Then a light went on. His least favorite of all of the chemo is blue! Blue, BLUE, BLUE! I held up the syringe on his medicine buffet platter and asked, "Is this Dory?"

"YES! I don't like her! She should swim away down the SINK!" and he HMPHED! and crossed his arms in a that-is-that maneuver. Yes, his name WILL be on an Oscar... I told you.

I hope this came across as delightful as it actually was. It is sometimes grueling to live with this amped up boy, but there are these moments. OH! Precious one. We then talked about how Marlin needed Dory to help him. I told him the Nemo Chemo could use some reinforcements in their battle to defeat the sharks. I don't think I used the word "reinforcements," but I explained it in 3-year-old flavor. You know what I mean. He kinda of half-cried, "Okay," and then swallowed Dory without too much more trouble. He wants a happy ending, too!

Gideon has been eating it all, but it has to be what HE orders. He actually asked me for a bowl of BROCCOLI today. He has always hated broccoli. He ate it all up like it was candy. WOW. I was impressed with that craving. Mostly it's MEAT. SPICY meat. Then he goes all vegetable-lover on me and it made this mama's DAY. Well, that and the Dory bit. The things he comes up with all on his own... The imagination never fades.

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  1. Can't stop the imagination! Never. You keep the pretend alive and fun in that house. I love that. May more magic spill into your windows throughout this time.
    Love, Amy