Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two boys with an ear infection, and a sinus-infection-med-head-momma

Maybe, just MAYBE I was a little too optimistic yesterday... The sick bug got a little more vicious over here, since Gideon woke up drenched in sweat and not at all himself this morning. He can deal with a stuffy nose and the regular cold stuff, but he had a lowgrade fever and something told me to stay home again today. I'm glad I did.

The boys had another chill day of relaxing, cuddling, and blowing noses. They played several games of "Guess Who" until Brody picked up on the fact that Gideon was trying to change his "guy" midway through the game. Brody bails at the first sign of cheating. Happily, they started a game of Cosmic Chicken, and since there is no way to cheat from that one, they ended up playing several sessions. I was able to sneak in several stealth under-the-arm temperature readings during that time and I hated the way his temp seemed to climb a little with each reading.

Then, in the early afternoon, Gideon started to sob and hold his ear. He has never had an ear infection in his life... That was always his brother's trademark sickness. Unfortunately, it was an ear infection. Thankfully we were able to get into the doctor and he was allowed to use Tylenol for the fever and the pain, plus NORMAL kid antibiotics.

I started out this sick time making the boys wear toilet paper around their wrists. This was for the protection of all things that could be wiped with boogers. As time progressed, this fad went out of style and the boys went back to hands and sleeves. I will think of something to curtail this slimy habit. Any other ideas?

I am in the middle of being an absolute absent-minded mommy, myself. I ended up with a sinus infection and I'm battling through with my netti pot! Between the three of us, we are all a little pathetic. :) But... These are NORMAL illnesses! I can't complain about that. Please pray that the boys heal up and nothing progresses into something worse. When I played the song from yesterday (see yesterday's blog), the boys were not as amused. I am in the process of finding another cheesy morsel, don't worry. In the meantime, we'll play soft and wordless songs...

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  1. This video melted my heart. I wanted to jump through this computer screen and hold Gideon and dry his tears. PRECIOUS boys you have!! I still pray for Gideon every single day. I start my conversations with God by praying for Gideon's healing. For God to fill his little heart with the joy of His Holy Spirit. I pray for strength for all of you and for God to provide all your needs. I pray for miracles that doctors will not be able to explain... xxx Jenelle