Sunday, January 29, 2012

Follow My Yellow Light...

It was a perfect day. Brody, Gideon and I turned on "SOUNDSCAPES," gathered every throw blanket and pillow we could find in the entire house, and just cuddled until we all fell asleep to the sounds of nature and flutes muddled together. Muddled sounds messy. I guess it was more melodiously matched together. That's better. So, we slept and dreamed together in a cozy pile of cushiness. Gideon said he had a dream (during this nap-time) of swimming with dolphins and then the water turned into flowers. It "smelled sooooo good," but then when he woke up, he said he was breathing in my hair (which explained why he could smell them in his dream, he said). I could inhale him in at every opportunity, I promise. Brody was just as snuggly and loving, too.

This weekend was full of moments like that. One was when I woke up at nine in the morning and NO ONE woke me up. The boys weren't in their beds and I got very nervous since the house was too quiet. I found them both at the kitchen table. Brody was teaching Gideon via "Directive Drawing" how to draw a fire-breathing dragon. He had already had him draw a perfectly crafted and colored pencil. Gideon followed his every stroke and said, "Look, mommy! Brody is teaching me to be an artist like him!" I think I still have a part of me melted in a puddle on the kitchen floor. Ugh. I adore them.

I also need to share a recently discovered song, but I need to provide the backstory. Since the beginning of this blog, I have referred to Gideon as my "Yellow Boy" and Brody as my "Blue Boy." The colors match their personalities perfectly. Here is a little refresher from an earlier blog:

"If I could paint Gideon's soul it would be in all shades of yellow, but mostly sunshine yellow. It's true that he has that yellow hair. I don't call it blonde. That is too dull of a word. He has yellow, halo-shining hair. Every single time I go into the clinic, nurses and doctors comment on the fact that he still has it. If you were to brush through it, you would see bald spots underneath, but it is still there. The downey chick soft curls distract attention until the brilliant yellow that is Gideon permeates your heart into melted yellow butter. It happens. Ask anyone who has even talked to this boy. He is my yellow man. Even when his hair is gone, I'm certain that warmth that you feel while sitting next to a window on a sunny day in winter will still emanate out of Gideon. He warms straight through." Written and posted on August 22, 2010

Listen to the words of this song. Woah. I'm following the yellow light! Gideon's light comes straight from the Creator. This is a certainty.


  1. Lots of light coming from this post! Thank you for sharing it. How was Hugo?

  2. Thanks, Lisa. You need to see HUGO!! It was AMAZING. It was whimsical and fantastical and dreamy and artistic. The character development was pretty much chiseled in rainbow marble, I think. There were themes within themes, and the love for imagination and the idea that every small person can change lives is prevalent throughout the entire movie. This is one I plan on owning. That much is certain. Go see it before it is out of the theater!!