Monday, January 23, 2012


OH boy. There are lots of coughing and blowing noses in this house going on right now. Brody had a fever of 102.7 last night and was in severe pain from his ear, so we all stayed home today. Brody and I went to the doctor and got him the meds he needs. Since then, it has been Cuddlefest 2012. Gideon and I were sick this weekend, and Brody was the last to house our unwanted germ guest. I feel way better, so taking care of these boys has been easy. Especially since I am on a complete music obsession-kick with Gotye. I adore their new album, so I dug out their old stuff and we have been having a healing time with the song I'm about to attach. If you listen to it, you must also promise to shimmy and overly use your jazz hands, okay? It's that kind of song. There are bunnies and balloons in this music video, so it is begging you on sparkled stained knees to put the goofy into it.

Here's to all of you battling bugs like us: Feel better! This song is guaranteed to clear out the mucus.

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  1. 'Jazz hands.' I bet you put on a show for your sick kiddos didn'tcha?