Sunday, April 3, 2011


I love the names for animal groupings...

A "journey" of giraffes, a "crash" of rhinoceroses, a "dazzle" of zebra, a "drift" of warthogs, a "raft" of hippos... It goes on and on and on. I guess I feel like the terminology of each group paints a more detailed description of the animal in a singular sense.

Here's a new one for you: a large group of humans who donate blood is called a "miracle."

I hope you can be a part of this "miracle" by donating blood this week in Gideon's honor.

Thursday, April 7 at Portage Free Methodist Church
Please click here to schedule your appointment.

Friday, April 8 at WMU Parkview Campus Room C-126
Please click here to schedule your appointment.

Gideon will be getting Vincristine chemo this week at the clinic. Depending on how he is feeling, we will try to visit both of the blood drives! THANK YOU for signing up, showing up, and giving life! You are all a part of saving lives, and that is a beautiful group to be a part of. I'd like to see a "miracle" of donors lined up at the doors...

I must add something to this blog. Something EPIC has transpired tonight. Gideon has FINALLY SUCCESSFULLY SWALLOWED HIS CHEMO PILLS WHOLE!!!!!!! For you pediatric cancer families, you know what a monumental thing this truly is. NO MORE GRINDING UP PILLS EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! NO MORE MIXING IN PILL DUST WITH SOMETHING TO MASK THE TASTE! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! April 3 has now been deemed "PILL SWALLOWING APPRECIATION DAY!" So, when you swallow your nightly meds, shake that pill bottle like a maraca and sashay it around your house in a conga line... It's THAT big of a deal. I promise.


  1. Amanda,

    Wish I could attend one of the blood drives in Gideon's honor. I am not in Kalamazoo. I will look for a blood drive here in Florida. I want to add to your list. Know what a group of Hummingbirds is called?

    A. A charm!

  2. My blood pressure meds jingle jangled in Gideon's honor tonight! Happy pill swallowing appreciation day (P.S.A.D).

  3. Yeah, horse pills down! Thata' boy. Hope you guys are having a good Monday. Blog is incredible - as are you and your boys. Cannot wait to see you soon and give you a big long hug. xoxoxo - Heather