Monday, April 18, 2011

Life and making the MOST of it...

I can say this now with all absolute certainty: This life on earth is fleeting. This life constantly has reminders of how we are so very mortal and anything can happen at any moment. It can be scary to realize how we are not in control. I have found that it is actually more freeing than anything else once I wrap my soul around that truth. I'm. Not. In. Control. Phew.

Handing it over.

THANK YOU to all of you who emailed about my "funk" last Monday. Thank you for the love you sent my way. I had my own health scare on that day, and was referred for further testing to "Bronson Center for Women." My appointment at the hospital was set for Friday, and while I told myself to wait to worry, to pray and to trust, it was one looooooong week of what-ifs popping in my head. For the handful of you who were in on the situation, THANK YOU for the prayers. They were heard and I am cancer-free. Thank you, God. Now I can jump more fervently into the battle at hand: Gideon's shark slaying endeavors (side-note: Today Gideon wanted me to read about the planets. We got to the page about constellations and he asked about the astronomical signs. I explained, and then he asked what was his "sign". I told him "Pisces" and as he looked at the picture he nodded and said, "Oh. I am GOOD FISHIES! I GET IT!" I love things like that... Ask my high school BFFs... Remember? "That's SO SYMBOLIC!" : a phrase I overused, I admit).

With this recent event comes the inevitable evaluation of life and how it is going, and what can further be done. This scare made me more zealous towards my passion for blood donations and the fight against childhood cancer. While I am still working on my thank you since the words keep escaping me and I am still in awe of the fact that, get this, HUNDREDS of pints of blood have been donated in Gideon's honor in the last two months, I will give you a little teaser on one of the miracles (groups of people who donate blood, remember?). Please click here to see what I'm talking about. Amazing.

In the same amazing vein is the fact that the fight against CHILDHOOD CANCER is at everyone's door right now. As you know, Ryan Harrell and Dawn Marciniak are running a Marathon in Gideon's honor. The money raised will go directly to CureSearch. I was contacted by CureSearch and the Jeff Gordon Foundation has just made it easier for all of you non-Marathoners to get in on the CURE! Gideon will be the "poster child" for the GROUP "24 for a Cure." On May 21, at 8 a.m. at the Celery Flats in Portage, all who register may WALK FOR A CURE to childhood cancer. I have formed a group called "Team Good Fishies." Simply click here, scroll down to the bottom of the screen that says "Gideon's Good Fishies" and click "JOIN TEAM" under action if you would like to WALK that day. To walk, you will pay an entrance fee of 10 dollars. You may then fundraise however you see fit, but people will be able to donate on your behalf via the website CureSearch links up to you. Even if you pay the ten dollars and are not able to find donations, we would LOVE for you to represent Gideon and a cure by being there. If you would rather donate directly since you aren't able to participate in the walk, you can do so by clicking "DONATE" under our group name. If you want your BUSINESS to start a NEW team under "24 for a Cure", please do so! The more, the better! CHILDREN are also allowed to register and raise money. Again, the more people there, the more awareness, the more money to a find the cure for childhood cancer. Please consider this, all of you beautiful supporters out there! Don't let monetary goals intimidate you, just do your best since every dollar counts and your presence will be a GIFT that day.

Speaking of beautiful supporters, the Long/Crago Racing Teams are well on their way to raising money in Gideon's honor to go towards CURESEARCH. They have been making a lot of money by selling bracelets that say, "Racing for Gideon!" If you would like yours, please let me know. Also, look at Jan Long's racing hood:

Yes, I am feeling something amazing ahead! Please join us all in this fight against Childhood Cancer. Join our team, create your own, anything! We would adore to have all of you: friends, and soon-to-be friends.

Much love and thanks!
Amanda (I've never signed-off before, but this kind of ended up feeling like a letter)


  1. What a scary week you had! We are thankful you are cancerfree! I can't imagine having cancer whille caring for a child with cancer.

  2. its been a long journey for me to with my health problems but u know, gideon is are number one concern right now, and its been a pleasure being a part of it, and we wanna thank u all for allowing us to b part of it, we will continue to b a part of it until we find a cure... may god bless u all thank u once again sincerely long and crago racing!!!

  3. we are having a race for gideon at baerfield speedway on july 9 2011 in fortwayne indiana we would like all of u all to join us on supporting this race for gideon to raise money for curesearch may god bless u all hope to c u all there long&crago racing....