Friday, April 1, 2011

Not so Tangled as it is Unwound.

Yet again, I have completely waited far too long to post. Now there is so much more to say...

I went fish shopping for Gideon's birthday at Petco. One of the sales associates, Kyle, helped me out. I found another amazing human during this shopping excursion. I asked him to help me find a bowl fish that looks most like Nemo for my son. I then told him how special this fish is to my little one, and of course the story of the good fishies fighting the sharks came out. He insisted that I get the real deal: clownfish. He is a fish collector/expert and had an extra tank, protein skimmer, live rock and everything we would need to get started. Ummmm... How could I not do this? The tank is still get balanced and ready in Gideon's room. I do not want to risk harming or shocking sweet Nemo in any way. How amazing is this? I'm realizing how tiny I am in the scheme of things in creating this mini-ocean. It's very difficult. And then I look at the real ocean with its balanced pH, salinity, all of it, and I am just amazed by how huge God really is in creating the amazing world I get to see and experience without trying to "balance" it myself. I'm loving the fact that there are more incredible people in the balance, like Kyle, who I get to run into as well! Thank you, Kyle! (And, baby sister Annie: I know you have a boyfriend, but I really think you should marry Kyle. That's all.)

Gideon had a birthday party with a handful of church-school and neighbor friends. It was a MAGIC SHOW and my boy was in absolute awe of it all. Thank you, Alan Kazam! Gideon loved every moment. Here's a little taste of his joy. I had so much fun watching his animated face and giggle of amazement after every magic trick.
Click here to see one trick (don't mind the adult cackling).

Brody and I were able to see "Tangled" in 3D this past summer. Gideon was not able to go due to his low numbers, but Brody has said over and over and over again ever since that "Gideon would LOVE Tangled!" So, we rented it. Of course, if my boys are game for a princess flick, I'm jumping on that before the words evaporate into the air molecules... I feel princess deprived sometimes.

At the same time, Brody has been very playful with my hair: petting it, flipping it, etc. I didn't connect this with the movie at all... I really think my brain is way slower to pick up connections these days. Really. Anyway, I offered Brody my brush the next time he started batting around hair strands. To my surprise, he accepted. It was five whole minutes of bliss. I didn't think much about that again until later. For those of you who don't know, "Tangled" is the story of Rapunzel. Rapunzel has magical hair that can heal and can also make old people young again simply by wrapping it around the person while singing the magical song (which is also very beautiful).

After dinner this evening, I was sitting with the boys on my lap and we were getting ready to dive into a book. Brody started playing with my hair again. He started wrapping it around Gideon's hand, and Gideon stayed still and watched as he wrapped it around and around and around. I wanted to know what he was doing, since it was kind of tugging at my scalp. Was he trying to snarl it all up? I just wanted to read the book and get on with the nigh-night routine. Thankfully, I hid my C'MON! voice and just asked him what he was up to...
"Sing, mom!"
"What, Brody?"
"Sing the healing song!"
(I paused....) "What healing song?" (I told you I'm slow these days.)
"You know...the Tangled one. 'Flower, Gleam and Glow!'"
That's when it all clicked. He wrapped my "golden hair" around Gideon and wanted me to sing the healing song. I almost didn't want to ask. "Why do you want me to do that, Brody?"
"Because it will get rid of Gideon's cancer and he won't need chemo anymore."
I love him.

I'll just leave the "Healing Song" for you to hear/watch instead of trying to depict how he unwound this heart of mine into a thin, yellow strand.


  1. Wow. Your boys are so amazing. I love what Brody did. I wonder if he sat in that theater this past summer thinking about a way to get that healing hair around his brother. I bet that has been on his mind all of this time. Thank you for sharing that story.

  2. You know, I went through and read your whole blog. Now when I see complaining on facebook statuses I just want to post a link to your blog.
    "WAH! My kids were up FOUR TIMES last night and I didn't sleep!" Yuck. I wish they knew what it is like for moms and dads like you guys who are up for an entire week at a time every month (or more) from steroids. And look at you! Still thankful. Those people make me so mad now that I know your story!

  3. You and your family are always an inspiration. <3

  4. Ok....That was LOVELY....and I'm not just saying that b/c I'm such a Disney Geek. :)