Monday, January 24, 2011


The air is dry, dry and beyond cold. So frigidly cold that the air forces one to become more aware of this mindless thing we call breathing. It also opens up the night sky for some massive stargazing opportunities. Did you know the "morning star" you're seeing every morning is Venus? Now you do. Also, just so you know: Venus is Pluto's best friend. Venus protects Pluto from any mean meteors since its so hot and will burn 'em up. That piece of knowledge is courtesy of Gideon. We went out to look at the sky last night, and this was my lesson. I was also told that heaven is not on Mercury since Mercury isn't that pretty. I think we may need to book a trip to Kalamazoo's Planetarium soon. Gideon is enthralled with all things sky-related. He still plans on flying Jumbo Jets, though. I asked if he wanted to be an astronaut, too. Nope. He wants to fly planes and breathe "regular air." Squeezable, yes? Yes.

Today was monumental. Not just because of the cold air and the fact that I adore winter, but for other reasons:
1. Gideon...get ready... SPLIT HIS COOKIE IN HALF AND SHARED IT WITH BRODY!!! He did! He did! I have been hammering this sharing thing pretty hard these days, and watching Gideon pass a large chunk of cookie to his brother in the backseat almost made me have to pull over to cry. I won't drive on bad roads while crying. I am a responsible Michigan girl. So, I promised myself I could cry later in celebration.

2. Later came. I need to say this: I am not a Justin Bieber fan. I think he's adorable, but I never got into his music (sorry, fans). Then he recorded a song called "Pray" and featured kids with cancer in his music video. Rivers. I created rapids with these tears, and some strange ugly-cry noises, too. I think I was speaking Moose. I never thought I'd see the day that Justin Bieber would make me sob. But he did. He's a BIG "MAKE A WISH" supporter. Yay, Justin! Brody is allowed to listen to you.

3. Another cry came AGAIN. This truly was the most monumental part of my day. Mattawan Girl Scout Troop 618 had a blood drive in Mattawan in honor of Gideon. I had no idea they were doing this until Gideon got their letter in the mail today. Are you ready? THIRTY EIGHT "good fishies" swam out of the envelope. THIRTY EIGHT people donated in Gideon's honor. That's 114 lives saved. I thought I got all of the tears out from Justin. I bawled and Gideon asked, "WHAT'S WRONG, mommy?" Brody, who is older and wiser by twenty-one whomping months, and more used to his mommy said, "She's happy, Gideon. Those are happy tears. Looks like she's makin' a lake for your fishies." And that made me laugh. I have the funniest kids ALIVE.

TROOP 618 -- THANK YOU! You ladies are beautiful and wonderful. Also, thank you to all of the donors. Gideon was elated by his fishy storm! So was I!

4. This all occurred on the day of Zondervan's blood drive, too. Thank you, Merideth, for cheering your colleagues on towards donating that blood. EVERY bag counts! I love you, lifesavers.

Yes... Monumental and lovely was this day. It would be even more monumental if you took twenty seconds to CHEER for Grand Marais, Michigan by clicking here. (There will be a plug for this until the contest is over. Sorry. I just adore that town too much to watch it be destroyed...)


  1. Way to go troop 618! I hope you know the incredible act you did. It makes me happy to know our youth still have giving souls. This blog adds so much beauty to my everyday. Even if you don't post I find myself reading posts again and again. Amanda, God gave you a gift! I hope you use it even further by writing books.

  2. love the pictures of Gideon surrounded by the good fishies! Love you baby boy! No more sharks!! Jenelle