Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Clinic Tomorrow

I've never been the girl to point out the strings at the puppet show. I'd much rather watch them dance and sing and ignore the strings (unless one snaps me in the eye, or something). Here is one gorgeous puppet to celebrate in our lives: Just like a normal boy, Gideon's cold has diminished into a gooey mucus-ridden cough. That's it. No strings attached! An occasional dragon-like hack and then it's done. I think it's taken longer than the general public to conquer for him, but it's under-wraps and we can move on from that one. I pretty much fastened a funnel to his mouth and forced the fluids for awhile there, but nothing like any other "normal" momma wouldn't do. That feels good, to have a small medical mishap that everyone else experiences, too. Not that having a cold is good, but you know what I mean... I never thought I'd see the day when I'm thankful for a cold. Perspective, perspective, perspective! While I'm thankful that the general public is so loving, I am looking forward to the day when a stranger doesn't feel the need to buy Gideon a cookie just by looking at him and feeling sad.

Gideon was feeling SO much better that he, Brody and Tom went ice skating for a little while. Below is the footage. He adored it! He got tired quickly, but I think this was not only good for him to be outside, but for Brody to feel like he was giving his brother some important Big-Brother-Training on the ice. Sheesh, they are adorable. I was shackled to my computer as I typed more papers for my online classes during this time (I. Am. Not. A. Fan.), but with every word typed I'm getting closer to the finish. It's relieving to work on these papers knowing that the boys are having safe fun and not rigging up some catapult device in the basement while I study.

Tomorrow is another clinic day. Gideon will receive Vincristine, and we will be starting up on those steroids again. Thankfully, the child has made up for what is to come by making me laugh nonstop. It's all about balance. I've stored up the laughs he's granted me like a camel (not the spitting kind, the smiling kind...yes, they exist). I'll scoop 'em out when things get hairy here in the next few days. Friends, please remind me to do that. I won't allow myself to get shocked by the fact that Gideon will act sort of mean and unlike himself for awhile. As long as all of these medicines and chemicals are doing their jobs, I'm thankful. Please continue to pray that they do!

(And, just to point out, "AIIIIIMMMMEEEE! What cha wanna do-oo?" is wailing in the background. I love you, my seeeester!)

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  1. Hooray, Gideon! Hooray, Brody! I'm hoping the clinic visit went well. We are thinking of you! Love, Matt and family