Friday, January 21, 2011

If I knew you were comin'...

My boys totally play along with the zaniness in this house. I have been addicted to early 1950s songs lately, and the bigger the sound, the better. There are not enough songs with long instrumental breaks and sliding trombones in my lifetime, so I'll borrow from previous generations. So, we are time warping into the 50's theme around this house, and the boys are LOVING it. Gideon woke up this morning singing the song depicted below and then asking for his plate of sausage. I'm happy to report for the blog archives that Gideon is not refusing vegetarian sausage, and I am elated that my boy is getting his veggies in this fake-meat way. I'll take it!

I notice many things about these videos (the messy house included), but I can't get over the way Gideon throws a steroid fit and Brody doesn't miss a beat. He doesn't get all angry or frustrated, he just plugs away. No words in my blog can really encapsulate this calm persona Brody displays during these breakdowns, but you can see it for yourself. I also notice the gorgeous personality differences in my boys: Brody, the shyer and hesitant and careful one, and Gideon: the extrovert and all full of TAAA-DDAAAAAs! In the video that the boys shot without me knowing it, Gideon says, "Brody, I haven't seen you in awhile. Sing a song for me-eee!" which also tells how I always get out the video camera and ask my boys to recreate moments. Maybe it's just me, but the video Gideon shot is my absolute favorite. His belly laugh and the slapstick WHOMP! of the pillow careening with the camera is just perfect. I should leave the boys alone with the camera more often. This was not a recreated moment, it was a real moment.

Speaking of moments, could everyone do me a huge favor and STOP trying to rush life into warp speed? This never bothered me before. It does now, and a ton more than I ever would have guessed. I used to say things like, "Gosh, I'll be glad when THIS day is over," and that sentence will never leave my lips again. Moments can be awful, stressful, frustrating...but the next moment that follows could be the most gorgeous moment of the week (or even your life) if you can just let your heart recover from the not-so-great moments that went on before. We miss so much of the good stuff by being stuck in the mud of a yucky moment. Most people want to live a long life, but then contradict this desire by rush-rush-rushing the day. I say slow it down. Listen to some 50's music if it helps.

...And I'll step down from my soapbox. I feel much better. Thank you for letting me rant.

Love to you! Even YOU, busy-busy-busy and stressed-stressed-stressed out friend. Come on over and I'll bake you a cake (or we'll just dance to the song...)!

P.S. Please remember to CHEER for Grand Marais, MI by clicking here! An automated "WOOHOO!" is enough to do it since it has to be one of the most encouraging sounds on the planet. OooOOoOOoo... I KNOW you wanna hear it now! ;)

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  1. I wish you were my mom... You crack me up. The best part of this is that this is REALLY what you're like in real life!