Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gideon's 6th birthday

Gideon is now SIX.  Six!  He was diagnosed at the age of three, so now he has been battling cancer for half of his life.  He doesn't remember what life was like without this stuff… Without the nightly pills, the pokes, and the sleepy medicine.  He sees the clinic as a second home, and the staff there his extended family.  He amazes me with the appreciation he has for the goodness around him.  

Today we basked in the sunshine and took a nature walk with his bird book he got for his birthday.  We spotted birds and listened to the music each one made.  Some said, "Drink your tea!  Drink your teeeeeeeea!" And others sang, "Cheer up!  Cheer up!  Cheer up, up, UP!"  Just a week ago this boy was battling a fever that didn't want to subside.  Finally, after IV antibiotics and oral antibiotics, it was kicked.  I wonder all of the time if his immunity will ever go back to normal.  If it does, what will that be like?  All I know is that his thankfulness in what surrounds him (especially nature) makes me notice the colors around me.  Life will never be black and white and ordinary... 

Happy BIRTHDAY, my baby boy!  I love you.

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