Saturday, November 17, 2012


We were feeling peace and positivity walking into the hospital Friday morning. We weren't told either way what these tests on Friday might reveal, just that his numbers were uncommon when it comes to the types of chemo takes (so that was unlikely to be the cause). Everything else was left gaping open, and I tried-tried-tried not to fill in the gaps with the incomplete information I found on my own and through word of mouth.

Instead, the gap of possibilities was completely filled in with prayers and love and positivity from the countless people thinking and praying for Gideon. THANK YOU for those prayers. THANK YOU for showing so much love! Once Gideon's blood was drawn, he remained “accessed” incase further testing or drugs needed to be administered. Gideon's oncologist told us that if his numbers remained where they were on Tuesday, we would be geared up and ready for an ultrasound of the internal organs. We would work from there. I was okay with the step-by-step and systematic process. It all felt as though we were getting somewhere, instead of running full sprint on the exhausting treadmill of what-if.

The results came in... HIS NUMBERS WERE BACK TO NORMAL!!! We were told there was not a sure explanation for any of this, but I know the explanation was prayer. Also, it was a reminder that I so needed: Love the ones you have in your life ACTIVELY. Adore them. Cherish them. Ignore the in-bin more than your children. Unplug every item in the house during dinner (except for the gets dark crazy early these days, and we don't want to chop off a pinky). When it's sunny, forget the dust in your house that is caught shimmering in the sunlight pouring into your room, get out there! Thank you, God, for those reminders.

This Thanksgiving season is brimming over with a cornucopia of blessings. I don't deserve this harvest I've reaped in life, but here it is! In front of me every single day I have two sets of blue eyes who smile at me and call me “Mommy.” This morning, we snuggled in bed and talked about how cozy flannel sheets make us feel. We then tried to make static electricity sparks. It didn't work, but the movements we made were hilarious, so we feasted on a breakfast of giggles. Precious, happy, heart-awakening giggles.

Gideon and I bought a bird feeder from Wedel's as soon as we left the hospital as his “poke prize”. He could pick out ANY bird feeder he wanted, and he chose the sunshine yellow one because he felt the birds could see it the best. Plus, it's for the winter and it will remind the birds of the warm sun. Mmmmm... I love how he thinks.  We filled up his chemo prize with birdy treats and hung it up. 

This morning, after the gigglefest, we hurried downstairs to catch some early birds through the kitchen window. Then: more magic. A spike, fawn and a twelve point buck wondered in front of our house and near our brand new feeder. I stood back in the kitchen, frozen and watching. Gideon was pressed up to the window. I only remember wishing I could move to get my camera, but I didn't want to startle this magnificent creature. I had never seen one so close, a full-racked deer. Just as I was thinking this thought, marveling at the closeness of this wild beauty, the magic sprinkled more magic on top of itself. The twelve-point buck WALKED UP to the window where Gideon was perched, and the two of them stared at one another. Gideon was making a sound that reminded me of a hushed giggle-sigh. The sound he was making coupled by the scene in front of me was too gorgeous, and it felt holy. I felt awash with amazement and thankfulness. Then, he was gone and Gideon turned to me, “I guess he wanted to see the bird feeder, too!” I replied, “No, I think he wanted to see YOU.”

Yellow bird feeder 

Grilled chicken eaten outside!  HOORAY! 

Gideon in the leaf pile!

Precious Big-bro
Meet Rudy Christmas.  He is Gideon's Christmas dog who plays "Rudolph" when his paw is pressed.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your struggle, your victory, and this amazing moment in time. Could Jesus inhabit a deer? If so, I think you had a Divine Visit. Blessings to you and your family for a wonderful Thanksgiving.