Sunday, November 4, 2012


It's when they are forced apart that it all comes together. Brody and Gideon have a connection that truly is titanium and solid. They took turns being sick, and had to be kept apart because of this sickness. While Brody battled a fever, he actually started to cry and said, “Is Gideon okay? He really wanted to be with you tonight, didn't he, mommy?” And then a little sob escaped his lips because he actually felt guilty about that separation. He asked to talk to him on the phone whenever he went to sleep, and Gideon asked for the same.

Of course, there are those inevitable times when they are a pile of swinging fists and kicking legs, but then I get to watch the almost instantaneous forgiveness that comes after the savage attacks. That's the amazing part to me -- to see anger almost immediately dissipate into nothingness.  They then let it all go, all of the resentment, and are back to playing as if it never happened.  No grudges are kept, and peace wins.  Baffling and beautiful is what that is!  

Two distinctly unique boys with personalities that are pretty mismatched, my boys share a kindred spirit of brotherhood that blows me away. I love listening to their mini-people talk. I call it mini-people because, well, besides being miniature humans, they talk with genuine frankness and with a tone that is so grown-up, but the issues at hand have to do with which Beyblade has the best defense or how cucumbers are related to pickles... Miniature importance to the adult world, but not so small to these two.

At dinner last night, Gideon told us he plans to be a chef at a restaurant called “Good Fishies” and that he'd donate the money to childhood cancer research. This did not feel like mini-talk, and it was something he decided with a definitive nod of his head. Brody answered, “Great idea! I'll eat there.” And, by the lack of sarcastic glint and because I know that boy so well, I could tell by the way Brody was looking at his brother that he believed him and would support him through any endeavor little (or grown-up) Gideon chooses.

These two have been through much more than most siblings experience together. I know big and wonderful things will come to be because of the huge sense of togetherness and understanding they share. I thank God every single day that I get to witness their friendship.

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