Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mighty Methotrexate

Gideon has had his Methotrexate dosage this week injected straight into his spinal fluid. This is pivotal in our battle to rid his body of cancer. It's a love/hate relationship since there are many side effects that can appear because of this process in the long haul, but it beyond necessary in both spinal injection and weekly oral form. Methotrexate exerts its chemotherapeutic effect by being able to counteract and compete with folic acid in cancer cells, resulting in folic acid deficiency in the cells, and causing their death. Unfortunately, this also has the same effect on normal cells. Again, the alternative is far worse, and I am grateful and thankful for this drug. Gideon also had his lumbar puncture to test his spinal fluid for any evidence of the disease.

Many people were shocked and saddened by the news of Whitney Houston's death. I was one of them. It is always so terrible to hear of someone whose life is cut short. To have such a talented human gone from our world is a reminder of the finite time we all have here. It is with a smile that I remember putting on a routine to "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" over and over and over again with my sister. We had the bow, the big hair, poofy skirt...we wanted to BE Whitney.

But this news was a blip on the screen compared to how I felt about this news. They are running out of Methotrexate? Why is there not more of a public outcry about this? This is a medication that makes BEATING leukemia possible. Innocent babies need this medicine. This is not a rockstar's "fix", this is life and death for the innocent. This is the preservation of life for those little people who have just as much possibility of changing the world as every famous and talented artist out there. Who might we lose if this issue is not resolved? This is something we need people to not only pray about, but DO something about. You better believe I will be vocal about this issue. There is no such thing as a backseat when your baby has cancer. I don't care if I'm annoying. Not at all.

Here is a video of Gideon's day this week at the clinic. It is the prep work before the spinal injection and LP, and the after procedure time. I did not include the actual injection or puncture. You will not feel queasy, but you will see what Gideon goes through and the most amazing spirit he has to get through it all. Even with this recent news, I am thankful for the way Gideon's treatment is going and the fact that he is cuddled on my lap right this instant.

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  1. I get very mad when the world mourns the loss of one person but forgets about the seven kids who will day today from cancer. I know death is sad. But these kids are innocent and did nothing that made this death happen. I wish people would do shows on this the way they do about lost pop stars. How many future Whitneys have already been lost?
    ***ANOTHER cancer mom***