Monday, June 27, 2011

JULY 9: Mark your calendars, please!

We took a rainy vacation to Grand Marais, and have returned very relaxed. We may not have been able to hike as much as we wanted, but we mastered how to hang out in our jammies, play games, and make music videos. Gideon only had one day up in Grand Marais when he was vomiting, so, seeeee? The place is healing. And when we returned home, there was our reliable monthly package from Grand Marais, again. They have not stopped sending us care packages since the diagnosis. I love you, Grand Marais people!

Gideon is doing well. He has his tired spots and his achy moments, but the boy's optimism is still so fresh and infectious. I think I forgot how to breathe a few times while I watched him watching Cars 2 in 3D. The way he lets himself guffaw at those funny moments -- oh. He tilts that precious head back and lets his laughter take over his entire being. Yup. Still the same, lovable honey pie.

The steroids start tomorrow, though. So, I am thankful for all of those prior joy jubilees. Tomorrow also brings counts being checked and his IV chemotherapy at the hospital, so we are praying for some good results and that his body responds well to the treatment. Be nice, Vincristine. I heard you are made from a flower blooming in the rainforest. I'd like to picture you as a pretty peony and not as a vicious Venus flytrap. Okay? Okay.

AND NOW... JULY 9: There will be race held in Gideon's honor at the Baer Field Speedway. Anyone near Fort Wayne, we would love to see you there! The money donated will go straight to CureSearch, the pediatric cancer research organization that is the MOST important charity in my heart. The race itself will be at 7:30 p.m. If you need directions, please click here. If you are able to join us, cheer for the Long/Crago Racing team! One of their cars looks like this:

Yes, I think this car is the best looking, don't you! GO TEAM LONG/CRAGO!!

As you all know, I am passionate about fundraising for childhood cancer research. Please watch this video and see why we need to make more noise about this underfunded endeavor. Join us in the stands as we make noise at the racetrack as we make strides dollar by dollar towards the cure! ***This organization, MAKE SOME NOISE: Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation was started by a real-live childhood cancer fighter, Malcolm. Please click here for more information. THANK YOU!


  1. Hi Gideon!
    Rock on little man, you are a fighter!

    This video called "Pie" which your mom posted here was made by another boy with cancer and the foundation he started... we just thought you should know! His name is Malcolm and he started the Make Some Noise: Cure Kids Cancer Foundation when he was just finishing treatment. He works really hard raising research funds to help find the cures, in fact he has raised over half a million dollars so far and gives it to COG research facilities around the country. He made this video so people would know that kids just aren't getting enough research money. We are happy to share it, but PLEASE ask your mom to mention Malcolm/his foundation and his hard work next time she posts one of his foundation's videos. Thank you very much!

    We hope your treatments go pretty smoothly... there are always a few bumps in the road, but we know you will do just great!! Go Gideon!!
    big hugs to you!
    Malcolm's mom

  2. Hi, there! Thank you for the comment and for the information. I edited this post with a link to Malcolm's amazing foundation. Thank you for all you do!

    Amanda Schripsema