Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Wish

Happy Mother's Day (one day late)! This is always the day when it hits me the hardest, this being a mom thing. Not only do I sometimes wonder how my babies are so big, how I am not twenty anymore, and how come there is always just one chip/cracker/piece of cereal in the box, but I also wonder at the awe that is this fragile miracle of motherhood. It doesn't feel fragile sometimes. Sometimes the battle of will between parent and child can feel immovable and solid. These kids are so very vivacious and full of youth – what can be stronger?

But it is fragile. We don't know what a doctor will announce tomorrow at an exam. We don't know anything but right now. And my right now with Brody and Gideon on Mother's Day has been outstanding. There was a lot of cuddling, walking in the sunshine of St. Joe and pointing out flowering trees. I feel brighter with my babies, and I don't want to think what this day would be like if the right medication was not there to save Gideon's life -- the medication CureSearch brought into his precious life.

So, I almost missed the boat in asking for your help this year. It has been busier than the last three combined, I think. But, please consider walking with us this coming Saturday at the Portage Celery Flats for CureSearch for Children's Cancer. Just click here and register. In honor of every mom I know who heard that her baby has cancer, in honor of every fighter in our area, please join us. You will feel your heart swell with thankfulness and wonder at each child survivor who will be there on that day.  If there is no way you can attend, please consider donating whatever you can -- even a few dollars.  

Again, I apologize for waiting so long to get the invite out to all of you. Don't worry about fundraising, just sign up and come!  

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