Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sparkly Izzy

I am overwhelmed by all of the generosity and help so many provided in this year's Mattawan Kicks Out Kids' Cancer event!  I know so many worked tirelessly alongside me, and there are just so many people I want to thank, and I will do that in my next video :).  We started last year hoping to make $5,000, but we more than doubled that goal.  This year, we have made $18,000 and people are still opening their wallets and donating.  If  you want to drive that amount even higher, please click here.  Soon all of the money we made at the event itself will be plugged into the website.  CureSearch has made Gideon's prognosis promising.  Without this organization, his cancer would be a final death sentence.  To say I am grateful for their work... Well... That doesn't come close to explaining it.  I am not afraid to beg for sponsors, volunteers, bids or auction items.  My son is breathing.

I have a new request for every set of eyes reading this message: pray for sweet Izzy.  Sparkly Izzy is a first grader at Mattawan, and I have the immense joy of being her music teacher.   I mean it.  I say immense joy and it is the honest truth.  When she talks, there is a giggle ready to escape behind her every word. Her eyes glimmer, and when she feels happiness, she tilts her head and lets it completely engulf her in twirls and exuberance.  She is the very pinkest and fluffiest of girl purity.  And she needs us all to pray for her.  Tomorrow she has scans, and we needneedneed those scans to come back clear of this monster known as cancer.  I asked her momma for permission to ask for those prayers.  I am pausing all celebratory videos for our event yesterday until I can stop holding my breath and good news is the result of those scans.  Izzy, I am sending my prayers in the pinkest, most irredescent bubbles.  When they pop over your bed tonight, I pray they sprinkle over your head like fairy's dust -- the most powerful and magical of all fairies.  I love you, sweet girl!

Please click here to meet sweet Izzy via computer.

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  1. Izzy looks like an amazing young lady! I hope they get the very best news.

    I'm hoping to put together a short video to encourage students to donate blood (I teach high school) for our bi-annual blood drives and would like to use Gideon & his Good Fishies to inspire them to donate. Could you contact me about this? I won't take much of your time - I know it's precious! ksandel at gmail dot com