Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Grandpa Prayers

I was reading a book called _The Positive Dog_, and I realized I was doing it while eating cotton candy. The book was meant to be a gift, but now it is sticky from my cotton candy fingers. Should I still gift the book and say the stickiness is just a metaphor for happiness and I drenched it all over the pages? I think yes. I answered my own question. Also, maybe it is rude of me to read the books I buy as gifts, but I want to make sure it makes sense to gift them to people. Excuses, excuses, huh?

Well, I am glad I read this book because there is a WHOLE section about being BLESSED instead of STRESSED. It also uses actual data to back-up claims. It is physiologically impossible to feel thankful and stressed at the same time. It says, "Positivity doesn't change you; it changes everything around you." Prayer feeds the positivity and when it permeates in your soul and bubbles warmth, it is impossible to contain the bubbles and they spill over into life. That last cheesy part was from me. That was my way of summarizing, and it came out in a squiggle of Easy Cheese.

My point is, even though BOTH of Brody and Gideon's grandpas are facing challenges tonight, I am not going to stress. I will pray. I will feel blessed that they are both unharmed and I will continue to pray it stays that way.

Tom's dad, Grandpa Schripsema, is having quadruple by-pass surgery tomorrow morning. One blessing is that he did not have a heart attack in order to discover this need, it was a stress test that let the doctors know something was wrong. He goes in at 7:30 a.m., and when we visited him tonight, the boys brought grandpa a circus: a balloon and cotton candy (yes, I had some seen caught me). Please send up special prayers for grandpa, and for the comfort of all of the family as they wait and wait for positive news.

Gideon and Brody chatted about Gideon's long stay in the same kind of room, and memories were shooting back and forth like crazy. I am happy Gideon wanted me to carry him to the car. All I could do was kiss his head and thank the Lord I was leaving with my baby in a much healthier place than that long visit.

My dad, Papa Krempa, is up north where there is a wildfire that doesn't want to stop burning. It is in Seney now, just down the road from where my dad lives. By "down the road" in U.P. terms, that is still about 10 miles away, but still. I guess if he is to evacuate, someone will alert them when they have thirty minutes to get out of the house. Please pray that the fire stays away from Papa and Grandma Max. Here is more information.

So, I am praying. I am being positive that both grandpas (and Grandma Max) will be safely guided through their struggles. Thank you for joining me.


  1. Praying! Thank you for this reminder. I needed it. You are helping so many with your outlook Amanda. Peace to both grandfathers.

  2. I'd like a cotton candy coated book. :#) Praying for your family Amanda. You are a blessing to us all.