Wednesday, April 25, 2012



I feel like I need to introduce myself again and shyly ease into conversation in a very how-is-the-weather kind of a way. I need to get reacquainted. This box I am typing in is even different. There were some Blogger renovations and I never even noticed one orange cone, that's how long I've been away. Let's remedy that.

For once, I am going to need to be very to-the-point or Gideon's blog will turn into the War and Peace of all blogs. Okay. Here it is:

- My boys have taken turns being seriously ill on and off until now (praying and looking to heaven that I don't eat my words). Brody had Scarlet Fever. Yes, you read that right. I felt like I needed to light an oil lamp, put my hair in braids, and say things like, "I'll be there directly, Brody" with hardened lines creased on my forehead in concern as I climb a rickety ladder to his hay-strewn loft. So much for being to-the-point. Anyway, Brody did beat the 18th century disease. He battled a few more strep throat incidents, but the Justin Bieber toothbrush has been boiled and I think we've killed all of that nastiness (another hopeful glance to heaven).

- I need to insert a bullet here to say, as much as I was kidding around above, my soul is massaged to the point of bliss in realizing how lucky I am. How blessed we all are. Not long ago, I would have lost BOTH of my boys. Scarlet Fever was no joke. Cancer never was, either. And allll because of modern medicine, my babies are still here. How did the mommies of long ago do it? The same way the third world mommies are still doing it, and I promise they love their babies as much as I love mine. This makes me want to join the Peace Corp. I'm not kidding. But my mission is here. Once childhood cancer has a cure, I think I may have found another calling.

- Gideon had ONE day when he just didn't want to go to clinic. He was bumming and sad. My baby sister sent me the music video below, so the boys and I had been watching it NONSTOP. I told Gideon we would go into the clinic singing "our parts" and acting like our corresponding alien. Gideon wanted to be the red-guitar-singing hopping one. I was the orange and armless one. We reenacted the video in the parking garage and he walked into those doors with a HUGE goofy smile. I wrote to the creator of the video (and also the composer of the song) as a thank you. He sent us an email back wishing Gideon a speedy recovery, telling us about his most recent musical work, and promising to keep in touch. Also, he doodled the below picture for our little Warrior. I love creative geniuses who also have gigantic hearts.

Professor Soap - Spirit Quest Journey from Professor Soap on Vimeo.

- The boys are doing very well. They are both playing soccer. Brody is also playing more hockey. Gideon is REGISTERED for kindergarten. Also, I have a super-de-duper important blog coming before May 1. Please keep your eyes open for it.

THANK YOU for those continued prayers and well-wishes. I won't be a stranger for so long next time.

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  1. Thanks so much for the update!! Love to you all!