Sunday, July 24, 2011


I cannot believe that I woke up in Disney World this morning. Now, I am home. What a surreal whirlwind this whole traveling via plane thing can be, huh? Or maybe I'm just so very tired that everything has that "WOAH" effect. I'm not sure. What I am positive about is that this past week has been A M A Z I N G ! I didn't think Disney World could get any better than to be a kid and believing real-live princesses were all around me, but I was wrong. Disney World with my own babies is far better. Only this time we spent more time with fast cars, Buzz Lightyear, and pirates than I did as a child with the fairies and princesses. Don't tell, but the boy version is just as magical!

All-in-all we spent two days at the Magic Kingdom, several jaunts to Epcot, two days at Hollywood Studios and one day at the Animal Kingdom. I can honestly say we did it all...every single ride (besides princess themed things... I tried, I assure you, but I lost). Gideon is our thrill seeker and adored Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Star Tours, GM Test Track and The Haunted Mansion. Brody was tall enough to go on Space Mountain, and went, but didn't want to go on again. Mostly the boys wanted to stick to the Speedway, Toy Story Ride, Star Tours and the Test Track. Those were our repeater rides, which I loved. As far as shows go, we were able to take in the parades and the firework shows at each park... But Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios took the PRIZE when it came to light shows --- wow. And Nemo the Musical at Animal Kingdom was BROADWAY amazing (as soon as those sea creatures were kite flown around me, tears surfaced automatically. It was beautiful!). Gideon adored all of the Nemo and Lightning McQueen themed rides and shows. Brody's absolute favorite was the Laughing Factory for Monsters Inc.-- I have never seen that boy laugh so hard. He had tears flowing, and so did I. The two of us single-handedly (or should I say single-lungedly) filled the laugh canister. Oh! Guffawing is encouraged in Disney... A cackler like me adores that fact.

Blessings pretty much poured over our heads from day one of our trip. First of all, Meritz Tours hooked us up with a suite fully equipped with a full kitchen and a jacuzzi. Mmmmm. They spoiled us with passes, and even introduced us to The Boardwalk Resort's head chef, Mike. Chef Mike asked Gideon what he loved most to eat, and then proceeded to make certain he had those items for his meals: chicken drumsticks, bagels, corn on the cob... I'm talking red carpet treatment. And then, BOOM! We sat next to a DOLPHIN TRAINER from California while we were waiting for FANTASMIC! to start. A dolphin trainer. Next to Gideon. He proceeded to show Gideon pictures of the marine life he works with, told stories about taking famous California natives (not mentioning names here) on dolphin excursions and swims...all of it. It was incredible. We met so many great people in lines and on Monorails. I think it is pretty much a rule that you cannot visit Disney if your heart doesn't believe in magic and is full of happiness.

I can honestly say that Brody and Gideon had the time of their lives... Here is a snippet of their time living every kid's dream.

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  1. Lots of magic went on during this trip. I love seeing your boys smiles so huge. What a difference a year makes. I am happy you were able to do this, Amanda. I know Disney is a favorite of yours ever since we performed there. "Being a performer in Disney is not that much like being a carnie... I don't think." Remember that? Loving the memories and I'm still glad we didn't sing "Too Darn Hot" there. LOL!! Amy