Thursday, May 19, 2011

CureSearch: THIS WEEKEND!!

Hello, walkers!

THANK YOU for coming to this Saturday's walk in honor of all of our little fighters who WILL overcome childhood cancer, including sweet Gideon. Some of you have said you wanted to walk, but have not been able to register yet. It's not too late! This is a VERY kid-friendly walk (strollers and wagons are welcome), and here are the details:

WHERE? Celery Flats Interpretive & Historical Center in Portage, MI.

WHEN? Registration is from 8:30 a.m.-9 a.m. on Saturday, May 21
The opening ceremony (which includes a balloon launch and medals for the survivors....Gideon, included -- bring a camera!) will be at 9:30 a.m.

HOW? The walk is about 3 miles long (but there is a SHORTER walk for those who want to opt out of the longer one).
It will be DONE by 12:30 and the final amount raised will be announced then!

WHERE WILL WE MEET? I will have a BRIGHT orange sign that says "Gideon's GOOD FISHIES" near the registration area. Please meet us there!

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? If you have a NO SHARK SHIRT, please wear it. If not, please wear a WHITE T-Shirt and Gideon will give you a BUNCH of FISHY stickers to decorate your shirt. Also, since our team raised so much money, we will ALL get the white CureSearch shirts!

PARKING? There will be parking near the main tent, and another parking site about an eighth of a mile away from registration. Please follow the signs :)!

If you have not registered yet (IT'S NOT TOO LATE), please do so by:
- Click "register"
- Click "Southwest Michigan 5/21/11"
- Click "Join a team"
- Select a group "24 For a Cure"
- Bottom of the screen "Gideon's Good Fishies"
- Click blue "JOIN TEAM"

*** Registration is 10 dollars for adults and FREE for kids!
*** You do not need to fundraise, as our team has brought in a total of $3,495.00, PLUS the money Ryan Harrell and Dawn Marciniak raised of $3,224.20, bringing in a total of $6,719.20 towards CureSearch!

We look forward to seeing you all there! Let's walk together to FIND A CURE! Please visit this site to see what CureSearch is all about!

Much love and NO SHARKS,
Amanda Schripsema

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  1. Amanda, the boys and I are going to join you in the morning! We're planning on registering at the event. Look forward to seeing you. Love, Katie